Give the gift of chocolate, roasted cashews, and vegan maple caramel in this decadent popcorn snack! Remove from the heat. We’ve called it a dressing, but this sauce is versatile! Only 4 more weeks until Christmas! Let simmer, always stirring, 10 to 12 minutes or until a candy thermometer reaches 300 F (149 C). Make sure you join our Facebook Community for more free healthy living inspo! Sprinkled over plant based yogurts as a nice crunchy treat, In a bowl with fresh fruit and soy milk poured into it, Cut up some fresh fruit and drizzle with nut butter and sprinkle with granola overtop. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The tahini and maple are so incredibly good together! Return to heat. It keeps in the refrigerator like a dream! And that’s only half of it. Wheeeeee! November 27, 2018 By Kasey Leave a Comment. Put 3-4 kernels into the oil, when kernels pop the temperature is right. Cold water – cold is key here. Maple syrup – adds the perfect level of sweetness! Heat a large soup pot over medium-high heat; add the butter. Replace the roasted cashews with your favorite nut: toasted walnuts and pecans would be fabulous. It will take several minutes, but eventually one or two kernels will pop. Sharing heaps of free recipes, guides, tips and more for living a healthy life you'll love. Glass jar, gluten free, Non-GMO, and pareve. Add in any additional granola mix ins you prefer and stir to combine. It’s kind of this unspoken contest of “who picked this year’s tree.”  I’m pretty sure I’m winning (except the only ones who care are my sisters). I me, Is the weather throwing anyone else off? Create a free website or blog at The other food that’s really popular at Christmastime is popcorn! A little salty, savory, and sweet all rolled into one. Discover (and save!) Set aside popcorn in a heat proof mixing bowl. Whisk until well blended, then drizzle the maple mixture over the popcorn. Granola should have a toasted golden color to them. Once the kernels have all popped and you stop hearing any popping for several seconds, immediately remove the popcorn from the heat and pour into a large bowl. Pour the popcorn onto the prepared baking pans. #AD Anyone else know the struggles of a move? Mix well. In a greased large roasting pan not too deep, mix popped popcorn and pecans. In the original recipe, I reduced tahini and maple syrup together for that sticky sweet caramel corn topping. Combine your chosen ingredients in a large saute pan. PB + maple = friends for life. ( Log Out /  When the butter melts, reduce heat to medium and add the popcorn kernels and salt.


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