Telus is listening? But Shaw starts offering $100/month. I currently have shaw 150 (supposedly upgraded to 300 they said in email and on bill), with full bundle it is about $90 just for the internet and all the speed tests i do show i get between 70-110 download and 9-12 upoad and 37ms is my fastest ping(tested 4am when only i was up and connected on 1 device), and that is only to a calgary location for ping. These are the new plans on the "Order" page. ), FS: BEP tickets july 19th / Avril tickets July 30th. For some reason..your comment is no surprise here. Total cost over 3 years (incl one discounted month) = $1,955 + tax. I hear telus has better customer service and also don't have to wait 23 min to talk to a rep. Important if you... have IP security cameras like Nest that upload to the cloud? Telus offered me their Internet 15 package (150 GB usage for $30 a month), which was pretty much the same usage allowance I was getting with Shaw. Ive had both over the years, we haven't paid more than 30.00 a month because when we finish up a 6 months subscription they always say oh well how about another 6 months sub at 30 a month for 15 mbps again?! To my surprise, there's clearly a noticable difference in speeds with my browsing experience like surfing webpages compared to my Shaw 300/15. Speedtest results mostly ping of 8 and download speed of 25. Im with Telus right now, on $145/month. For some reason..your comment is no surprise here. These two companies are in a battle for your business and the right negotiating skills can save you a large amount of money and maybe even get you a couple of freebies along the way! SFP+ to be precise.Did 1000 speed test s today was trying to squeeze   1 ms Ping...  it stuck on god bless ZERO I couldn't believe my eyes... 4K is nice guide is very responsive . Right now I am paying 110 for all three services. The moral of this story is ALWAYS negotiate, and whether you prefer Telus or Shaw there's always a better deal to be had than what's on the website. If you end up going for the 300 make sure that all of your network components (routers, switches, and ethernet cables) are up to that speed as well. By the time my current deal runs out I will have had nine months with Shaw at $30, and I firmly believe I will be able to negotiate another deal at this point that could be cheaper than the $55 standard price. Called Telus too, offering same price. Now I'm really wondering if upload speed is worth it. The cost of Shaw 20 is $55 a month with the first month being $30 + tax. The 3 year deal is a Rip and they stick it to you after they get you locked in. Next morning, after I  call there is an army of construction crew, even on weekends.


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