Yes, her blade spawning would be tough to get around, but he could literally cut her head off. Taking Thor's powers away and the kind of magic to give same powers to anyone worthy of Mjolnir, makes me think Odin had tricks up his sleeve to win against Power Gem Thanos. It is a delicate organ for everyone.

You are indeed where you belong. Yea Hulk sorta wanted to lose and maybe was not in top form but he still got pounded. Show a conflict ridden area of current Earth it doesn't look too advanced either lol. The Dark elves are one of the oldest races in the Universe, and they sneaked past Heimdall i wouldn't call that an L for Asgard's power although Odin should have done a better job in protecting Frigga etc. The dude makes jokes on the battlefield. 8. How and why he handled Hela like that, why he couldn't or didn't kill her is still a speculation. Holland Reveals An Important Information About Back To The Future, New Leaks Come From The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, Alison Brie To Be Considered For The Role Of She Hulk, 26 Greatest Thanos Quotes From The Marvel Cinematic Universe And Comic Books, Another Photo Released From Jurassic World Sets, Simon Reveals About His Pitch About A Superhero, Hawaii Five-0 To Bid Goodbye After 10 Years. Even if we ignore their levels of power in comics, I feel like MCU would make Odin more powerful. Maybe Hela used Mjolnir better than Thor did when she had it. Getting back to this, Thanos wins, likely even stomps. (The axe plunging and when Thor brought him to his knees). he can call upon Mjolnir anytime during his fight. He put up a fight but was completely outclassed in power. He can't fly, has no combat speed or skill feats, no durability feats and no battle applicable hax.

Neither means much if your enemy is Galactus. By implied feats, I would give this to Odin. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Also I'm starting to believe there was a chance that Odin was being literal when he told Thor that he was stronger than him. Granted this was with any army and a bunch of other factors. We saw only a portion of Vanaheim, a conflict ridden area of it. I doubt Ronan lackey will any idea about powerful being like Ego, Odin, Hela etc. Odin does have Odinforce in the MCU(Gungnir, The Destroyer, Mjolnir) are all powered by it... @finalkingthanos: yea I think i finally got what you're implying. Fully powered infinity gauntlet is almost God. @bobandjim1260: Thor even with the Lightning amp couldn't beat Hela.. let alone Eternal Flame Surtur... and Prime Odin soloed Both. I believe he should be physically stronger than Hela being an all father, atleast at his Prime. Conquered doezens of worlds was the reason Thanks couldn't get to the either ...Thanks feared/respected Odin for a reason.. Share Share Tweet Email. Jotunheim was screwed ever since Odin took their power source. So maybe that's not disqualifying. Watching over a realm from another realm, sending someone across the universe with dark energy, being able to reveal the Aether etc aren't battle applicable feats. save hide report. I think he could win. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Like there was no Asgardian weapon better than Mjolnir. He could reveal the aether/lifeform under Jane Foster's skin. Please don't bump threads which involve omnipotent characters or are against the rules. 1. Strange countered the stone's effects with hax and magic skill, Odin can fight like this to win. Odin vs Galactus: When Dr. Doom stole Galactus power, and faced Odin, this happened: Galactus is the most powerful of the three. Mentioning stripping Thor off his powers doesn't mean Odin needs to do the same to anyone. The only feat Eru has, is he created the Ainur who help him shaped the world. Losing an eye against a Laufey powered by the casket isn't a bad showing. He wouldn't be able to kill thousands of planets worth of civilizations without them. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend.
Followers. Thanos.

Here’s an analysis of the powers of Thanos and Odin in order to determine who would be victorious in a duel. Thor can manipulate electricity, has stood in the midst of a star beam and stuff. Without it, he would still win on paper/screen due to some plot device or just the fact that he is way smarter and would be able to outsmart and eventually beat Odin. If you don't, based on the comic Multiverses being much more expansive than Tolkien's mythology, you have to find some way to compare them, and I'm not really sure how that can be done. 5. Odin in his prime should win, one stone is not enough to defeat him, since he already has knowledge of them, Thanos I guess odin has nothing combat wise, Odin defeated Prime Surtur that's enough for me. Odin. Stormbreaker more or less caught Thanos by surprise. Hela is physically above Thanos. Hela was Odin’s firstborn, and after that came Thor, and his adopted brother Loki. But then again with all his power unleashed Thor does seem to be more powerful than Thanos at the moment. Odin vs Thanos. Thanos NEEDED his army too. He must have defeated her by trickery or by BFRing her. He clearly talks about returning to his former glory. I'm pretty sure, by onscreen feats, Hela can kill Odin. He'd never have been able to attack earth in the live action movies though if odin was still around. Odin is a man-like god, who is comprised of those very forces Thanos is trying to command. i added 2 rounds, one with the MCU and one with the comics, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Theres a difference between fighting Odin, and fighting Odin, Loki, Revengers, Avengers, Guardians, etc. Odinforce is Odin's, the infinity gauntlet is just a specific thing thanos had at one point. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Odin wins here lol no feats he beat prime Surtur who'd wreck thanos.. @darthvaderrocks: It's on paper battle, so they're usable. Using illusion spells while being a powerhouse is quite handy. Thanos could one shot Asgard with the powerstone if he really wanted to, Odin hasn't done anything to suggest he could take on Thanos with the power gem he lost his eye to the frost giants and got destroyed by Dark elves his two best off screen feats are defeating Surtur who most likely was similar to the one Thor fought and imprisoning Hela who he did the same to Thor and Thor normally does everything on his own while Odin has never done anything without a massive army like the Frost Giants or even Hela making the Valkyries suicide her. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Odin fought Galactus and actually hurt him. Odin vs Thanos in a full out fight I couldn't see Thanos taking it. Thanos is a god-like man who has tapped into a variety of forces he has learned to control. But it's been a while and I forgot where the statement was said. Based on potential of the power gem (i.e. Odin lost an eye against the Frost Giants.

Odin. He can't really lose. Thor just says he thought he killed him (Surtur), and then Odin says he just locked her away. I personally believe that Thanos is stronger, smarter and more durable than Hela. Odin stomps thanos like in the comic he did to him.
Thanos made his move when he realized the state of the Realms linked by Yggdrasil. So it seems that a prime incarnation of Odin is even greater than Surtur, at his strongest. And btw SB is more than a match for Thanos in the right hands. Odin has defeated officially Hela, Surtur, Laufey, we saw him depowering Thor, he has conquered easily our system, controlling Mjolnir, Stormbreaker broke Thanos, can't imagine what would Odin's weapon do to him, also he definitely possesses the bigger wisdom and knowledge. Greatest Thanos Quotes From Avengers: Infinity War That Fans Will Never... It’s Confirmed: A New Firefly Series Is Coming. I've never seen Thor's Armor rings come off or be damaged in battle.

Thanos had to wait for Odin to die so that he could start his crusade for the infinity stones. The thing is there are so few onscreen feats for Odin that you have to assume a bigger picture from all the few magic feats he has performed. He was considered a Deviant, a natural-born enemy of the Eternals that populate Titan.

Odin vs Thanos. The members of The Black Order are Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian and Corvus Glaive. Odin has 3 children; Thor, Loki and Hela – The Goddess of Death. Thanos is the son of Mentor on the moon Titan. Odin considered Thanos to be a potential threat. I also still think he has more raw power than Thor, considering he was able to imprison Hela, and Thor was not able to beat her. One of them is absolutely anything but Human. Thanos due to onscreen feats. No MCU character is like that superman(2006) where a bullet bounces off his eye. Odin on the other hand can bring the Thunder if he needs to. @bladeoffury: Didn't that statement come from only Korath? Odin has fought the Celestials, defeated Surtur, the Fire God and has established peace throughout the 9 realms. Thanos is no match for Galactus. 100% Upvoted. Ultimate knowledge was his and he realized that he was unworthy to weild ultimate power. Unless Thor can summon dark magic on his own. Prime Odin wins, because he defeated Hela and Surtur, Power gem has nothing against magic. As for this tricks and Hax that Odin supposedly had, what are they compared to Strange's hax? Learn how your comment data is processed. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

What's Thanos going to do? May the Fourth be with you –Everybody Get Up And Enjoy It Is Star Wars Day! But whatever it is, the Powerstone can overcome it I'm sure. Sort by . Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Thanos: Who Would Win? If he didn't summon bifrost instantaneously he's got to have other magic to achieve it. I too hope we'll see Prime Odin in action. I can see Odin having that power to a degree, given how he just randomly made it so that only those worthy could pick up Mjolnir, and it worked. @marvelanddcfan24: Didn't Odin pluck out his own eye on purpose? how Eson used it), Thanos stomps.

Odin has no secondary powers that I know of. Hard to tell. So defeating him in whatever way i don't care should be enough to take care of Hela judging by his power. Odin’s portrayal in the MCU was rather disappointing as they cast a great actor but portrayed the character in his very old age for all three movies. Also, Thanos wasn't delebretly trying to kill anyone on Titan. On Paper Battle (MCU) : Odin vs Thanos 70 results; 1; 2; deactivated-5b2121a0a9a00. They both may know some magic though. @bladeoffury: He had 2 stones at that point. And it's hard to defend Odin cuz he's almost featless, we haven't even seen a young Odin in his prime but i think we will in the future hopefully. Didn’t thanos say he once put his goal to one side but he can’t do it again not even for Gamora. Being a leader of the valkryies she'd know a thing or two. Thanos fighting Odin is different. Follow 10000. But even if he does it'll be very close. @deltahuman: No evidence to suggest that Odin sent the Valkyries KNOWING they would die. Thor seemed capable of defeating most of Odin's enemies. Btw Surtur literally can't die until he fulfills his destiny he said. Army v Army Odin would still wreck Thanos, unless its a defensive where the Outriders drop from the sky, but I'm pretty sure that would kill them. Wiki Points. 2.


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