This past weekend, The Art of Racing in the Rain joined the glorious canon of cinema starring humanized dogs with audible inner monologues. The actor would then discover from the film's dog trainer that he needed to look elsewhere. Good Dog? victories—that’s just a statistical fact. Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI |, Cast member Kevin Costner (L), his wife Christine Baumgartner and their children Grace Avery Costner, Hayes Logan Costner and Cayden Wyatt Costner. Shadow, the wise golden retriever who belongs to Peter, the oldest kid, spends most of the movie trying to teach Chance, the youngest kid’s new dog how to be a good, loyal pet. ", Cast member Milo Ventimiglia plays Denny Swift. Car accidents. The Art of Racing in the Rain, based on the Garth Stein book of the same name, is set to arrive in theaters on Aug. 9. Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI |, Snow owls Clint Black, Lisa Hartman Black eliminated from 'Masked Singer', Glenn Close: 'Hillbilly Elegy' role is 'everything I long for', Luke Combs, Maren Morris dominate 54th annual Country Music Association Awards, 'Chick Fight' star Malin Akerman: 'We love to root for an underdog', Kevin Costner explains why 'Let Him Go' scared him. What Happens: Enzo starts out as the dog of a bachelor, and after some reservations, comes to life as a family dog once his owner Denny marries and has a daughter. Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI |, Cast member Martin Donovan. The film adaptation will be produced by Neal Moritz. Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI |, Cast member Amanda Seyfried plays Eve. The novel was a New York Times bestseller for 156 weeks. The thing about Bailey is the variety—when Bailey is reincarnated, the dog’s gender changes.
It feels so manipulative! [3][5], The race car driving experience of the novel's character, Denny, is based on Stein's own experience in racing cars,[5] and on another race car driver who is a close friend of Stein's who was dealing with some family turbulence at the time. It is the first 20th Century Fox film to be marketed on the Walt Disney Studios' official website since the acquisition of the studio by Disney. How fun/difficult is it to explain to someone who’s never seen it: It actually gets a lot simpler when you start by telling them the trailer opens with “What is the meaning of life.”. F this movie!!! With Kevin Costner, Milo Ventimiglia, Jackie Minns, Marcus Hondro. The Art of Racing in the Rain is a 2008 novel by American author Garth Stein —told from a dog's point of view. Fox would look like as a boxer mix? These dogs are voiced by some of Hollywood’s biggest names, as I imagine whenever an actor’s agent calls them to tell them they have the opportunity to play a dog, the answer is always: “Sign me up, immediately.”. That’s a lot to put on someone on their deathbed. Or maybe it’s just as another opportunity for Fox to show off his animal voicing abilities. Explaining the ending, that moment when Shadow crests the hill as the music swells, the moment he finally whispers Peter, can be a little tough to capture because anything gets harder to explain when you’re sobbing. Shadow is every single headline about a real-life dog walking 10,000 miles to return his owner’s slipper rolled into one beautiful golden retriever whose inner monologue has the distinct tenor of a grandpa who you never have to worry about saying something sexist at Thanksgiving dinner. He watches as Denny marries Eve, the birth of their daughter, Zoe, and then Eve's development of brain cancer, which only he can detect through his acute sense of smell. "[10], The film was released on August 9, 2019, by 20th Century Fox. How fun/difficult is it to explain to someone who’s never seen it: It can be rough, but always rewarding. Good Dog?
What Happens: No one has actually read Ivanhoe, yet a not insignificant number of millennials have a vague idea of the plot of Ivanhoe, and the fact that they incorrectly suspect it heavily features a dog does not take away from what Wishbone has done for the canon. [3] Stein moved from New York City to Seattle in 2001 and became involved in "high performance driver education,"[5] received his racing license with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA),[5] and won the points championship in the Northwest region Spec Miata class in 2003. Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI |, Cast member Gary Cole. While he commits himself to whatever job (police dog, family pet) his new life gives him, he always remembers his first owner, Ethan. Summary. Good Dog? Anyone who’s seen one of these soapy family dramas about a man and his dog should know to expect tears.

Whenever I accidentally hear the commercial for the racing in the rain movie I’m overcome with so much anger and I don’t know why!! While Shadow is willing to face rapids, bears, and really anything the woods can throw at him to return to Peter, Chance needs a lot of convincing to feel like getting back to his boy is worth it. Enzo spends most of his days watching and learning from television, gleaning what he can about his owner's greatest passion, race car driving—and relating it to life. The first movie ends with him reuniting with his first owner about 40 years after Ethan put him to sleep. Ventimiglia also told Kimmel that he grew attached to one of his dog co-stars, but that the canine already had a good home. [8], After the project came to a halt with Universal Studios, Disney acquired the rights in January 2016. Aug. 2 (UPI) -- Milo Ventimiglia said on Jimmy Kimmel Live that in order to have a good scene with his dog co-stars in The Art of Racing in the Rain, he had to stop looking at them in the eye. How fun/difficult is it to explain to someone who has never seen it: While the plot and even dog monologue conceit is pretty straightforward, it might be more difficult to explain how This Is Us fans, a group that would create more of a complete circle than a Venn diagram with this film’s target audience, will be able to sit through a Milo Ventimiglia dog movie. There are just so many layers, from the general conceit of a dog starring in adaptations of classic literature with an otherwise human cast to the way the adaptations are played so straight, yet all the episode titles are the worst dog puns.


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