Every child in every land Yes, many non-Natives were not ashamed to admit they felt “killing Indians” was the best policy during that time, but Baum didn’t harbor these concepts of racial superiority because it was fashionable like stove top hats and well-kempt mutton chops.
That would include color, disabilities. The existing Open Comments threads will continue to exist for those who do not subscribe to Independent Premium. Go for it, do it. After we finish praying we always close with a song of his choice. Outcault I’m thinking we need to erase Yellow Kid from history. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. After giving us hugs and kisses, our little guy crawls into bed thanks Jesus for giving him another great day. I’m not sure where you learned that verse. And all hispanic males are named Jose. And when, at the end of the first book, The Mystery of Dr Fu Manchu, Police Inspector Weymouth has become insane after exposure to Fu Manchu's psychotropic fungi, Fu Manchu voluntarily restores him to health out of what Petrie perceives to be “some kind of admiration or respect”. . Satan can put people before us to hack into this song, look for error in it. They cost me my marriage, my career, my family, my home, and all of my belongings and assets, including my retirement. Why don’t these Buffoons just ban all the white people. I feel sorry for your kids growing up around adults who find bad in everything meant to be good.

Sax Rohmer falls into the category – like HP Lovecraft – of truly great bad writers, and like Lovecraft he has only recently enjoyed a revival and re-evaluation. I’m sure there are plenty of objectionable things that show up in the dark closets and dusty corners of the church’s past. WordPress took down that blog, which the FBI said was their helping to cover up my chronological reporting of the harm they had been doing that went on for years. This is why the world is in the shape it is in today because so many people have to find offense in anything and everything where it really isn’t.

One night in particular our son asked to hear a new song, one that we hadn’t sung before. Start your Independent Premium subscription today.

We just think about race so much differently than we ever did back then. *sarcasm for those who may not have known*.

You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies to your comment. ( Log Out /  That’s a really interesting point. Good point Shane, but what did you guys do with the second verse? ! In your quest to be politically correct and not teach racism, you are doing just that by changing the words to an innocent children’s bible song. , oh wow. I would report that to the doctor too. no, instead of letting it go, he raped me. As an adult it felt weird at first, but I think it strengthens the likelihood children will put themselves personally into the song to feel Jesus’ love (and I feel like a child of God too!). Maybe.

Relax and stop judging everything. What he did was give me Buspar for anxiety, (even though I told him I was feeling depressed,) instead of addressing the seriousness of the neck injury. Keeping our eyes open for ways we can better ourselves and the ways we love one another, seems pretty solid gospel teaching to me. You’ve heard them all so many times they’re forever etched into your permanent memory. They figure out differences on their own. Its very much like the Deep State story of the “indictments.” Its what will never happen, a psychological game of the powerful and privileged. And by the rampant heresies which have taken control of the evangelical church (stuff like the biblical prosperity heresy). Ultimately in 2007 one or another of them hired an existential Luciferian psycho analyst to sexually compromise me so that they could humiliate me further. *record scratches*. But what should complicate a simple reading is that Fu Manchu is unmistakably the true hero of the books. I’m probably pretty liberal with what music I let my kid have exposure to. In Feb. 2005 I had a textbook negative reaction to Ambien so that I did not sleep for 16 days.

You know the story but some may understand more of the reasoning behind it. At the same moment the medical doctor had my husband in his office interrogating him about me, but they never told him I was in the clinic or what they were doing to me.

Want an ad-free experience?Subscribe to Independent Premium. how boring….

If it is wrong now to advocate the annihilation of a race of people, it was most certainly wrong then. H….

After a brief summit between my wife and I to discuss the social and moral implications of teaching a song loaded with racial undertones to our four-year-old, my wife saved the situation with a solution. These individuals harbored bigoted attitudes toward non-White communities and yet, are considered important icons of American culture. As an idiot 6 year old who hadn’t yet developed the racial lens, I thought red and yellow were just random colours from the colour wheel they were listing. I really do not know what to think of it, and I'm going to imagine the doctor in charge of this isn't going to know either. Which brings up another issue regarding Baum and the Wizard of Oz. Even though we understand that the song’s intent is to explain that Jesus loves children of every race (well, almost every race, more on that later) it also teaches him – starting from a very young age – to see people in terms of their racial differences. Engines are called red and kung pow chicken’s are called yellow. I believe the song teaches diversity and acceptance of differences.

The song actually says “Red, brown, yellow, black, and white” so it DOES include brown people, Wow, you are too much. They seem to be left out of the color box. Jesus loves the little children of the world. Just remember that scripture demands that we be careful in our speech, that we remove stumbling blocks (like racist language) from our midst, that when we gain understanding that we give up childish things (speaking in ways that continue to do harm to others). Due to the sheer scale of this comment community, we are not able to give each post the same level of attention, but we have preserved this area in the interests of open debate. •

Oh, and as a kid, I found that song the first time that “other” kids were included in the love of Jesus. So will anybody ever trust the polls again?

At the same time they stopped the psych drug “treatment" they’d been dumping into me since late 2004. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Your IP:

Change ). It was going pretty well so far, so we continued. Don’t know why or when it was dropped. I actually grew up with a different version of the second verse than Mom2Ryan cites: “English, Irish, Russian, Jew, German, Jap, Italian too / Jesus loves the little children of the world”. Thanks to Emily Buteyn for digging this one up. Are you sure you want to delete this comment? Jimmy Lee Beason II,  Indian-Country Today. But the last time I checked it is pretty offensive to both Asians and Native Americans to be referred to as “yellow” and “red.”.

. We be so correct we can not identified people by their color, their age, their sex, their ANYTHING. No, L. Frank Baum was not a product of his time, but he was a product of racist ideologies perpetrated by Europeans since the “Age of Discovery” who thought the Indigenous people they encountered during their invasions were nothing more than “creatures” who deserved to be put down if they failed to conform to White living standards. How do I get a clear picture on my iPhone widget area?

And yes, we’re aware that the lyrics still highlight the fact that people are different colors (at least in our version they’re not segregated, and it’s not using derogatory terms to describe them!). I’m surprised he didn’t portray the Wicked Witch of the West as the real hero and ended the story of Oz with her flying monkey’s killing every last munchkin down to their candy-striped stockings as a “favor” for being a pack of “whining dwarves.”. Where I grew up. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. But I’m assuming that since you posted it it is real because I can’t see you making that up. Fu Manchu and China: Was the 'yellow peril incarnate' really appallingly racist? Red? For while Asia seems to be demonised in the Fu Manchu books, it is in fact idealised (“this man whose ancestors had been cultured noblemen while most of ours were living in caves”) and whereas the denigration is unconvincingly trowelled on, the admiration is often unexpected and seemingly heartfelt. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? This notion that he was really supporting Native people is rather far-fetched but Baum apologists disagree because how could the man who wrote one of the most beloved children’s stories in American history, that spawned a classic movie and is pop culture fodder for all arrays of media, occupy the same ideological plane as Adolf Hitler? I can only assume these colors are used in the song to refer to Native Americans and Asians. Shane in your article you said ”Jesus loves children of every race (well, almost every race, more on that later)”.

He’s an equal opportunity playmate. The medical doctor and his relative CEO were former military officers. I am teaching this at Little Church on Sunday, and will be using your version!

It is tempting for modern writers to produce more Fu Manchu stories, and it seems like an obvious contemporary requirement that the original scenarios should be subverted in various ways, but the original stories already subvert themselves, as well as being unintentionally very funny in places. Independent Premium Comments can be posted by members of our membership scheme, Independent Premium. Perhaps one day he may conquer the world.

He worked with his CEO who was a family member of his at Multicare in Kent, Washington. etc. (I saw signs of that when I was in Texas, for awhile attending a Southern Baptist church that wouldn’t minister to their neighborhood because the local residents were African Americans and Latinos, but I have also seen signs of that in various “Christian” settings in New York.)

• This was despite the fact that Rohmer knew almost nothing about China, but getting the details right has rarely been a feature of the West's depiction of other cultures: when Boris Karloff appeared as the fiendish Doctor in the 1930 movie, Mask of Fu Manchu, he was regally togged-up in what was actually a high-class Chinese woman's wedding dress. Cool cool. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. That IS NOT the real second verse?!? race is stupid. Nobody says, “Heinrich Himmler was simply a product of his time.” Advocating genocide is never justifiable.

They have not responded, and like the police in Washington State do not either, I doubt they even took the report. I’ve seen some of the tendencies toward segregation in the church first hand in Rochester.

Why not annihilation?
Baum would have been no different.

For you to think this way about such a lovely, sweet, well-meaning song, means that you are racist in your mind as well. They completely violated my HIPAA rights to privacy, did not even request a closed case. Just to recap.


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