This is dangerous territory. These stores collectively house an almost unfathomable amount of high-quality vintage clothing, ranging from printed t-shirts to worn-in Doc Martens boots.

I look around for four seconds. A brooding writer would devour this jacket. I even took it with me on my trip to the UK this year. As a co-founder of Weekends in Amsterdam, Lisanne likes to keep herself busy with editorial work. It’s super thick, like a blanket, puffed, army green, lots of cool zips. These stores collectively house an almost unfathomable amount of high-quality …

As I panic about buying unnecessary material possessions, I decide to remedy the situation by buying unnecessarily overpriced food.

Plus, it gave me something to do in Amsterdam for the day that didn’t involve smoking plants. As I do, I get a confirmation email in my gut, telling me it was the right decision. Although vintage clothing is Zipper’s main draw, the shop also sells brand new Cheap Monday and Levi jeans. So there was nothing to argue about after that, really. Shop the newest harley stuff Check it out Vintage Jackets Shop the newest jackets. And why not? From silk blouses, leather bags to unique accessories, printed dresses and vintage denim jackets, you may end up leaving with a bag full of gifts for yourself.

252 were here.

You can get a range of casual wear to smarter wardrobe additions like men’s suits and ties and ladies dresses.

Then let us know in the comments below. Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. The thing about thrift stores is, you really need to look. SEO is one of her best skills and she ensures that the platform is always up to date. The market covers two industrial-sized warehouses (and the courtyard between them). Stay tuned! He rings it up, I hold my N26 card against the machine. Nowadays, almost every neighbourhood in central Amsterdam has its own Episode and the stores have even started appearing in other major cities around western Europe, including Paris, Brussels and Copenhagen. Despite the obvious clue in the name, I didn’t actually realise it only sold army and navy clothes until I walked in the door. 1. Some days I find some great Hello Kitty merchandise at super low prices, a Ramones alarm clock, and a giant box of flavored condoms for 2€, other times they” more, “Awesome vintage shop located in an awesome street with many other cool shops. I put my right arm in.

Mood Indigo has made a name for itself as one of the best thrift shops in Amsterdam and you can find the two-level store on the left side of Damstraat.

That’s 69 bowls of roast duck dry noodles in Bangkok. You know, something that fits my aura, something a brooding writer would wear, one who never actually writes.

t +31 20 304 87 56. m +31 6 15 38 79 49. I needed a jacket. Episode. Shop. Time Machine is a great place to find a gem that you’ll end up wearing for years to come. Kilo Shop is stuffed full of army surplus, including stripped navy jumpers and large rainproof parkas.

Van Slingelandtstraat 39, 1051 CG Amsterdam . Exactly what I needed. You could climb Everest in this jacket.

I mean, you’ve even learned to appreciate Adele’s grey-green eyes and artistic integrity and vulnerable sense of humour.

It actually has stores in a lot of places in Europe. It was more expensive than thrift stores I've been to but the price is worth it! Thrift Shop Amsterdam. You could sled with dogs in Siberia in this jacket, probably with just a tee shirt underneath. Maybe it has pee on it. Think about this. Although it may take time rummaging, finding affordable, on-trend clothing is rarely difficult in Amsterdam, thanks to the city’s many second-hand shops. Check it out Vintage Blog View all. 1073BD Amsterdam. I walk to the counter. It simply will not fit inside the backpack.

Check out the thrift stores below! The cool thing about this thrift shop is that while a lot of the stuff is second-hand and needs a new home, a lot of the clothing looks almost brand new!

Your email address will not be published. Waterlooplein 2, 1011 AL Amsterdam, Netherlands. I spent my whole year studying in China trying to find a cool, affordable Levi’s sherpa jacket, and it never happened, they were always $300, $400. And it’s fat. €130 brand new. Lots of cool jackets. Het Kaufhaus has a deliberately small collection and only sells clothes that have been hand-picked by its staff. 4.

You would climb Everest as a warm up in this jacket. It’s a Levi’s sherpa jacket. Do you think we miss a thrift shop in Amsterdam? It’s so warm, you could hike to the Arctic in this jacket. We love buying second-hand here at the Flying Pig because it’s an environmentally friendly, it supports local businesses and you can always find a bargain on clothing that’s more unique or vintage. Nowadays, almost every neighbourhood in central Amsterdam has its own Episode and the stores have even started appearing in other major cities around western Europe, including Paris, Brussels and Copenhagen. Home to the best vintage clothing & retro fashion. At BIS, the women and men’s sections are separated and arranged in an organised manner. Generatorstraat 10, 1014 AT Amsterdam . Check it out “Home is where our story begins…” Love lives Here. This much-loved charity shop on Haarlemmerstraat is the perfect place to upgrade your wardrobe with cool vintage pieces. Fresh. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK", At KiloShop Waterlooplein, weighing scales are used to price items, Mood Indigo sells almost pristine, secondhand denim, 1 Waterlooplein, Amsterdam-Centrum Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1011 NV, The Netherlands, 7 Huidenstraat, Amsterdam-Centrum Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1016 ER, The Netherlands, 158 Jodenbreestraat, Amsterdam-Centrum Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1011 NS, The Netherlands, 25A Sint Antoniesbreestraat, Amsterdam-Centrum Amsterdam, 1011, The Netherlands, 193 Kinkerstraat, Amsterdam-West Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1053 DR, The Netherlands, 8 Nieuwe Hoogstraat, Amsterdam-Centrum Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1011 HE, The Netherlands. Shop the best 80's & 90's brands & styles. Located just a short walk from Mood Indigo, make sure to visit both if you’re in the area as their offering is quite different. Thrift Shop Amsterdam. She prefers to write articles about new hidden places, vintage shops and the best markets. As he starts to bag it, I hold up a palm and smile. You didn’t come all this way in life just to spend 69 euros on some jacket. RataPlan Generatorstraat. The thrift shop gods put it there for you. Couples of sentences after decided to stay because of the narration! I was either buying a jacket today or getting pneumonia.

Now Amsterdam is not a cheap city, so the obvious choice was: Thrift shop. Buying myself a jacket could literally save their lives. As I walk out the door, I feed an arm through the sleeve, swing it around, let the jacket wrap me like a Levi cloud.

My Cart. Next, smell it. It’s this old minimalism thing, got me on a buying boycott. 3. I wander the entire store, trying to find a jacket that I’m gonna vibe with. The male and female stores have some impressive brands, including Lacoste and Ralph Lauren, that are in almost pristine condition, while its third location has military surplus by the bulk. You’ve evolved, emotionally, spiritually. The old Adele, not the new Adele with the six pack.

Albert Cuypstraat 187. And probably the one after that too. A pleasant surprise: Chicken, edamame and pineapple is actually amazing together.

252 were here. I pull the cuff once, tug on the lapels twice.

It is. Collar perfect.

You can also recycle your old clothes here and give them a new life.


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