Grotesk has the lowest average run with 4,130. Topps Project 2020 Print Runs by Artist. Is not 100% accurate but very close and a great way to judge what the overall print run will be! Another view many people like to see is the ranking by player. As one might imagine, Mike Trout has the highest average print run at this point, and now Brett is bringing up … Data is taken at 8:00 PST (newly updated time for daily Project 2020 Show) each night from Terapeak. 2020 Topps Project 2020 Baseball checklist, MLB set info, print runs, reviews, hot auctions. Following the successful reception of its artist-designed baseball cards, Topps is now gearing up to launch a selection of fine art prints as part of its ongoing PROJECT 2020 installment. Exclusive set pairs top artists & iconic cards. Here are the ten Topps Project 2020 baseball cards with the highest print runs thus far: 88 Ken Griffey Jr. by Keith Shore – 99,177 copies 100 Mike Trout by Blake Jamieson – 74,862 87 Nolan Ryan … As of this point, most of the topps project 2020 cards with print runs under 5,000 have shown significant increases in auction prices on the secondary market, although the market has fluctuated greatly in recent days. This previous data was pulled at 10:30pm PST and doesn’t correlate 1:1 for pre-order data to print runs starting with cards 275 & 276. Those produced in quantities of under 2,000 have given remarkable returns to those who bought at the original Topps selling price.


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