Although estimates of the retailers and exporters could not be ascertained, it was expected that their incomes would be higher than that of the local traders as they had wider customer base.

There were however over 100 part time carvers. Estimates by the all the participants from the Ahwiaa community disclosed that, there were approximately 58 full time carvers who were actively working in the community. Moreover, the work of the exporters provided jobs in form of carton making. These statistics show the immense contribution of the two cultural and touristic activities towards employment creation. Records at the Adanwomase Tourists Centre showed that, on the average, 85 people visited the Adanwomase. There were basically three kinds of traders when it comes to the marketing of the products namely: Local store owners, retailers and exporters.

In this wise, most (75.0%) of the employees earned an average of GH¢408.3/$151.2. Part of their earnings was however ploughed back into their businesses. The leaders labelled this provision as ‘home stay’. These people made cartons using cardboards. Weavers who learnt the skill through apprenticeship were often immigrants from the other regions in Ghana especially the Volta region. welcome to kwabre east municipal assembly A BRIEF ABOUT US The Kwabre East Municipal is one of the 254 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in Ghana and forms part of the 23 MMDAs in the Ashanti Region. However, there were many other residents who possessed the skill but were either inactive with their skill or worked privately. Such artefacts included products such as slippers, purse, mobile phone covers, ladies and gents bags and men ties and bowties. The permanent staff earned allowance averaging GH¢80/$29.6 monthly. Makers/Sellers of Input Materials There were thus a number of blacksmiths (see figure 2); merchants of essential white glue, special carving polish, beads, brass plates and wood which are used in designing the artefacts and sandpapers. Ahwiaa is also historically noted for wood carving both in Ashanti region and Ghana. Of those actively working, 66.6 % of them earned between GH¢150 and GH¢300 per month ($55.6 and $111.1 monthly). They often used one or more of solar powered drying equipments, ovens and sometimes sunlight to dry the sculptures. Wood carving constitute one of the commonest economic activities in the town although there have been reports of decline in the wood carving activity recently (Adu-Agyem, Sabutey, & Mensah, 2013; Kwabre East District, 2010). The training regimes often included financial and business management training. One carver therefore stated that;

The process was then left in hands of ‘finishers’ who completed the activity. Ejura/Sekyedumase (Capital: Ejura) Kwabre (Capital: Mamponteng) Offinso North (Capital: Akomadan) Sekyere Afram Plains (Capital: Kumawu) Sekyere Central (Capital: Nsuta) Sekyere East (Capital: Effiduase) Sekyere South (Capital: Agona) This Ghana location … Do not copy, save or use Kente designs on this website for any reason without our permission. However, modernisation opened the activity into a fully fledged economic industry. Acquiring the skill therefore require the same process as learning any other economic trade. This was an innovation as traditional kente cloths do not have any of such designs.

The skill was informally taught to young males. The District therefore aspires to be the most popular tourists’ destination in the Ashanti region. The income levels of these workers differed based on the size of their business. In all, there were approximately 11 people involved in this kind of job. Public Services Commission Kente Artefact Makers: Collins Ntim accompanied by the Ashanti Regional Director for Agriculture has paid working visits to the Kwabre East Municipal Assembly on 24th... Ghana Districts In 2009, total international and domestic tourists at Adanwomase were 883 and 146 respectively. GoG Payslip Portal However, estimates by the craftsmen indicated that, between 46 and 50 tourists visited Ahwiaa every month. “They are not doing anything….I do not believe they even know we exist…. “All those boys there know how to carve (points to a group of boys sitting not far from where interview was held)….They are no more interested in the carving business because it does not pay much these days. The touristic/cultural activities constitute the second major economic activity in the District behind agriculture. These retailers and exporters particularly made the industry vibrant as they constituted a greater source of market for the weavers. However, these interventions were not popular among especially the people of Ahwiaa.

Kwabre District. The Municipality is part of the greater Kumasi City region, which is made up of Kumasi Metropolitan Area and the surrounding Districts. The duty of the carvers entailed moulding the wood into the desired shape.

I took advantage of his break periods to practice” (Tett, 15 year old weaver at Adanwomase) These women received between GH¢20 and GH¢50 ($7.4 and $18.5) per month depending on the method of drying and the volume of work required. Adanwomase Kente Weavers and Sellers Association, The Sasea and Royal Kente Weavers of Adanwomase. District Capital. Ahwiaa population was about 31,172 in the year 2010. These shop owners often contracted the carvers for the artefacts; finished them and either kept them in their shops or sold to retailers and exporters. There were therefore people who undertook the warping and spinning for the weavers and some of the input material traders in exchange of a fee. 1.4.1 Forms of Employment Created through the Wood Carving Industry Before the yarns or thread could be used for weaving, it had to undergo certain processes such as warping and spinning. Although the amount of income generated through this activity was less given the daily minimum wage of Ghana, the women involved expressed satisfaction with their income since it required less effort. This was hugely attributed to the lack of coordination between the leaders and the craftsmen especially at Ahwiaa where 60 % of the craftsmen expressed utter ignorance on some of the interventions geared at their development especially the craft village (see also Amoah, 2014).

You must be: 2020 Comparatively, the Adanwomase tourist centre was more organised and vibrant than others in the district. They were often traders in carving related items as well as the carvings itself. There were thus children of school going age who used the activity to supplement their family income and to support themselves in school as explained by one of the young product finishers: Mamponteng is a small town and is the capital of Kwabre, a district in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The act of weaving was the most common and visible employment opportunity created by the kente weaving industry in the community (see figure 3). In their estimation, the finishers earned between GH¢ 200/$74.1 and GH¢400/$148.1 monthly from their respective activities. District. There were also about 10 part time tour guides who were called upon during peak periods. The Municipality shares common boundaries with SekyereSouth District to the north; Kumasi Metropolitan Area to the south; Ejisu Municipal to the southeast; Atwima Nwabiagya …

These groups are described below: Carvers: The town is located on the main Kumasi-Mampong highway about 14 kilometers north of Kumasi in the Kwabre East District in Ashanti region, Ghana. The females were however actively involved in the carving activities. The carvers estimated that there were at least 5 people involved in this business including some of the carvers themselves. All these inputs were sold or made by people with special skill set within the community including carpenters—as many of these tools and equipments were made from wood. Furthermore, 56.0% of households had at least one member directly or indirectly involved in the weaving or carving industry.

The kente cloth was thus a major input for the economic activities of other skilled workers in the community. This activity constitutes the final stages of the carving process. The exporters on the other hand consisted of both local and international companies as well as individuals within and outside Ahwiaa. The staff received monthly salary ranging between GH¢150/$55.6 and GH¢400/$148.1 depending on the nature of work of the person. Some weavers also produced plain kente cloth (kente without any special pattern or designs and often in one colour) to be used by the Adinkra makers at Ntonso; a town in also in the Kwabre East District.

Excluding the jobs created for the artisans at the Ntonso community, the finishing activities employed about 15 people at Adanwomase.

Although, many of the carvers could do the work of the finishers, the cumbersome nature of the carving itself left them with little time to finish the product themselves. Gov. The local store owners consisted of community members who kept artefact shops within the community. Among the people employed in this area, 83.3 % earned between GH¢100 and GH¢250 ($37 and $92.6) as profit monthly. However, those with larger businesses earned as high as GH¢2,000/$740.7 per month. This is where the job of the product finishers becomes relevant.

Kintabuo Hill, 10 km west; Buonkabin Hill, 14 km south; Achinsi Classification Range Hill, 14 km southwest; Akyease Ruin, 15 km south; Other Places. DIGITAL ADDRESS: AD-010-4054, © 2018 Kwabre - East  Municipal Assembly ||  All Rights Reserved.|| Designed by: Euniceweb.
At first, almost every young man in this town carved” (Mofa, 55 year old carver)

We will reply within next 4 hours.

This arrangement also created an employment opportunity for skilled workers at Ntonso. MAMPONTENG

Unlike the situation at Ahwiaa where the majority (86.7%) of craftsmen learned the wood carving skill through apprenticeship for three years, people at Adanwomase often acquired the kente weaving skill by assisting their skilled relatives and friends. Nobesu Stream, 2 km northeast; Abankro Stream, 4½ km northwest; Anomako Stream, 6 km southwest; Obrumadai Stream, 6 km east

The District Analytical Report for the Kwabre East District is one of the 216 district census reports aimed at making data available to planners and decision makers at the district level.

While this may not be enough for some of these workers, many of them relied solely on this income for their survival.

The Assembly has inaugurated a committee on culture which is charged with identifying and developing inventible cultural sites, practices and values that can promote tourism.

To some extent, the economic gains to the carvers therefore contradicted the assertions of some schools of thought that tourism related jobs may be less beneficial and demeaning (Baum, 2007; Choy, 1995). To some extent, this is in line with the assertion that, “local residents are frequently under-represented in the tourism development, both as investors and decision makers. The activity therefore offered them and even their households a livelihood. The Assembly exists to ensure the people in the municipality have access to quality social services and to create the necessary environment for sustainable local economic development and the protection of the vulnerable in the society. We do not get any help from them…We need wood for our work but they are not doing anything to help us…..instead they levy our meagre incomes. These finishers often ranged between the ages of 15 and 50 years. This assertion is also shared by Kreag (2001, p. 2) who states that; “For decades, tourism industry growth has been a major contributor to increased economic activity throughout the… However there were others (13.3 %) who acquired their skill after serving as apprentice for the same duration as those in Ahwiaa. Ahwiaa population was about 31,172 in the year 2010. All Rights Reserved. The committee has sub-committees at the various towns and villages that have recognised tourist sites (Kwabre East District, 2006).

The two touristic activities are also major economic activities aside from their cultural significance in Ghana. A Brief Background


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