There are many ceremonies associated with the festival, including a peace-making period where all outstanding problems are supposed to be resolved. There are several bird species in the Kadjebi District. There is high tension and anxiety among many residents and indigenes of Ghana’s border towns and villages in the Volta and the Oti Regions. The people of Wli have a unique festival to give thanks for the gift of water. In November, the chiefs of Gbi (North) Hohoe areas and Gbi (South) Peki areas celebrate their annual festival rotations from Hohoe to Peki. If you are coming form Accra, the drive to Wli takes about 3 hours. The sacred monkey sanctuaries around Tafi Atome, some 5kn away from the Avatime hills. 6. In order to commemorate the exodus and the bravery of their traditional rulers who led them on the journey, the people created this annual “”Festival of the Exodus””. The region is own by the Guan, Ewe, and Akan people. The southern border is the Atlantic Ocean, wile the north shares a boundary with the Northern Region. The monkeys are friendly and playful and venture into the village daily. New hotels are providing facilities for waters ports and deep sea fishing. Wli Falls are situated in the heart of a tropical forest, 20km from Hohoe. Chiefs dress in very colouful regalia and sit in state to receive homage from their subjects. The Anlo Ewes, an ethnic group on the eastern coast of Ghana, are believed to have settled in Notsie in Togo when they first migrated from Southern Sudan. A newly designated National Park in the foothill of Mt. 4. The main durbars always take place on the first Saturday of November in Anloga, 15km west of Keta, a two and half hour drive from Accra. Dancing, singing and general merry-making go on throughout the festival. It is the most easterly region of Ghana and shares a border with Togo on the Eastern side of the country, western with the Volta River and Lake. This waterfall is becoming very popular in the West African sub-region. Cooked yam is sprinkled at the various shrines. This waterfalls which consist of a series of four falls and two cascades descending an amazing 600m height is one of the perennial falls in Ghana open to visitors through out the year. more. In this forest, one could find the endangered, playful and rather sacred True Mona Monkeys. Akwantutenten Festival of the people of Worawora (Akans) Wli is the highest waterfall in Ghana and is fed year-round by the waters of the Agumatsa River. The festival is normally celebrated in November. The people of the region are made up of Ewe, Adele, Nchumuru, Akpafu, Atwode, Lolbi, Tafi, Avatime and Akan. The Some area is noted for Kente weaving. As usual, a grand durbar of chiefs of the Adaklu traditional area, encompassing several settle is held. Volta is another popular region in Ghana that is close to Togo. It follows Western region in land area with 20,570 km². It is celebrated at Vane, the traditional capital of the Avatime people. Elections in Ghana are held every four years. Visitors are charged a minimal fee. The surface area of the principal lagoon and the seasonal mud flats is over 300km2. 5. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Volta Region, Ghana on Tripadvisor: See 318 traveler reviews and photos of Volta Region tourist attractions. The Keta-Angaw Lagoon Basin Tafi Monkey Village The chiefs and people of Agotome traditional area, a few kilometres east of Ho, who are indeed Ga-Adanbges, celebrate their annual Kente festivals in August every year. The Ramsar Site is 1200km2 including the eastern bank of the Volta River and the Togo boarder.


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