This quest can be started by interacting with Kleon after you complete the Welcome to Athens quest.

The toolbox is in a shack southwest of Vrisa Fort in Ancient Pearl.

Besieging Bandits

theres no bug here dude, theres a lot cave of pan, i think u came into wrong cave.

In the end, talk to whoever you did not kill in order to complete the quest.

Not My Mother’s Daughter A God among Men You may also be rewarded XP and Drachmae depending on how well you performed this sub-quest. If you have already somehow burned down the silos, the quest is completed as soon as you accept it. Head towards the east until you come across a wrecked cart. Qamra, Medicine Woman

All you need to do is to follow Odessa around as she talks about the palace and once the both of you are near the edge of the water, this quest will be complete.

She Who Controls the Seas These are spread across the Kythera Island and they include ‘All Bonds Will Break’, ‘Pick Your Poison’, and ‘The Handmaiden’s Story’. From the Adrestia message board, you are prompted to help the rebels of Mykonos Island. Family Values To avoid griefing, you will not be able to post or report for the first %d hours upon visiting this forum for the first time. Full Circle Meet Ardor’s caretaker and decide whether to kill him. Try as you might to guess my name; I promise you’ll know when I do claim.” – Destiny. You have to choose the map called ‘Map to Sacred Site’, Head to this location and you’ll find the Temple of Poseidon in Attika.

Fix, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla All Cursed Symbols Locations. Here, there are 5 areas that you need to investigate. Meet him at his house to begin the questline of Mikkos. Open up the chests and search the shores to get the miltos. After you finish the quest above, you can start this one by talking to Kleon again. Look to the stack of items on the left side of this room and you’ll find the feather inside it. Making Friends This quest has three mini-quests in it: Recollections: Talk to the collector in Gortyn city. Treasures of Britain are a type of Collectible in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (ACV).

You need to make your way to Fisherman’s Bay in Ancient Pearl after acquiring the quest. You need to escort her son.

You will have a better relationship with the one you chose, but the one you didn't won't be happy. You will be tasked to retrieve the Arkalochori Axe that seems to have been stolen by thieves who are now residing in Arkalochori Cave situated in eastern Heraklion. The other one can be found if you look behind the statue and investigate the crack on the wall.

After carrying out both actions, head back to Hippokrates to receive his rare staff along with some XP and Drachmae. Once you have all the Sapphires, return to Photios to complete the quest. Once you notice the crack, you can slip through it and proceed deeper into the cave. These missions can be a great way to get away from the main story if you are bored. Start this quest at Kephallonia Islands.

This is one of those quests that form part of the main story mission ‘Island of Misfortune’.

Call Ikarus to get the exact location. From here, track nearby quest to find the waypoints to the area where the treasure is and take care of all enemies to loot them and get the Feather Collectible. Talk to the slave and then his master above him. Getting all these three require fighting off or avoiding dangerous predators. Then, speak with Pithekos and he’ll tell you about his javelin which is broken.

Talk to the peasant there and he’ll tell you that he’s looking for the Dystos Stronghold. If you agree to do this, you will receive another quest known as ‘Sins of the Past’ which will begin immediately. Make sure that you take out all enemies using any means necessary before you get to the prisoner. After you do so, go back to the couple and they’ll now be surrounded by bandits. For the medicine, head to the middle floor of Mytilene’s Leader House and grab it from a table. After completing the above quest, speak with the worshiper again and head to Sami in Coast of Koliadai to investigate a woman’s house and interact with the baskets. When you meet Davos, you are overlooking the Kleptous bay where your target is. You will need to the location where she was ambushed. Legendary Armor Set List & Locations Guide. Once you have all of the treasure that you need, you can start moving back to the beginning of the cave. After clearing out the bandits, grab the ax near the chest and return it to the priestess to receive either the ax itself as the reward or in place of it, XP and Drachmae. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. This quest starts right after you finish the quest above. Return to Markos to complete this quest. Start off this quest by talking to Diona. After that, you need to find the Saphires on a person in Desphina as the note suggests that someone in there bought it. Your rewards include Spartan Spear, Drachmae and XP. The city will be unlocked for you to explore after a cutscene and you will earn the Birthright Trophy/Achievement. Loot the coffer and bring it back to Xenia on Keos. He can be found at Fisherman’s Beacon, northwest of Heraklion. Talk to Kyra in the temple to start this quest. Beware of the lynx here, so get rid of it first. Resolve the issue with her husband to the south and get back to her to receive Breastplate of Worshipers armor for the torso and a lot of XP. There will be sharks in the water, so either kill them or prepare to avoid their attacks.

Here is how you complete every side quest in the game. There your objective would be to eliminate the leader, Podarkes, who will be in a tavern but can be lured outside. Shark the Vagrant Then, look for a fort in that region and fast travel to it. I didn’t have the bug, but I had cleared the cave prior to receiving the quest and had to go back there to complete this one.

You are free to choose any dialogue options.

In the process, you will also fight off some Followers of Ares. Sokrates give you a quest at the Northeast Port of Piraeus in Attika. You will be told of a fallen village of Kausos. Here you've access to our Guides that show you the way to all Loot Treasures, Ainigmatas and Puzzle solutions. After completing the ‘Debt Collector’ main quest and speaking to bowmaker, Drucilla. September 26, 2018 by PowerPyx 8 Comments.

You can sneak around them or kill them one by one. Use a boat to swim far into the sea and then reveal the remains using the eagle. Waiting for Galarnos

Heroes of The Arena Investigate the treasuries to the north and talk to the Greek soldier. - Brandin Tyrrel, October 1, 2018 Score: 9.2 Read the full Assassin's Creed Odyssey Review Glitch in the Animus Eliminate him and then proceed to deliver a killing blow to the leader of Messara who will be residing in Daidalos Fort in one of the buildings to the north, at night. Take care of the enemies there stealthily and grab the documents. You will get a cute little task of telling the children in the terrace of the temple, one of the stories of Perseus and other gods. Inspecting the area for clues, you will be led to the lumber shipyard where you will need to eliminate some soldiers. You also need to complete Birds of a Feather before you attempt this quest. After the above two quests, head to the Temple of Dionysos Kolanta in Sparta and speak with Damia. Then proceed to collect the magical potions that will make her look more beautiful than what she is.

The Elixir Haven’t even fought Darius yet. The first one can be found on the left side of the statue’s foot. A Legendary Hunt

Another letter lies in a chest in a fort in Port of Kirrha that will lead you towards completing 15 objectives related to forts. There, give out a call for the Adrestia and you will have completed the quest for receiving Delivery Boots, an armor for legs along with XP and Drachmae. In Gortyn, Mino’s Legacy, speak with a civilian who tasks you with eliminating 10 Followers of Ares, 10 in total. The head armor is found in the middle of the village in a hut surrounded by huntresses. Here, you’ll find a couple of vases in the middle.

From here, jump into the water and you can find the bracelet at the bottom of the ocean. It is best if you do this quest after you have finished; Debt Collector’ as you will already be very close to the starting location of this quest. Use Ikaros to find the person on the Purple cloak. Dive into the water, turn around and enter the cave. You have to break 3 Athenian ships to finish this quest. You can get this side quest by getting the item sitting on top of the leader’s house.

Dive right beside the shipwreck to find the remains of Gyke which will be floating in the water.


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