The massive 8K screen made me a little dizzy (not in a bad way) and the amazing real time video on screen with real time visual effects... How far technology and art can go? Adam's gentle, sweet smile, the sweetest (and the wonderful sound of bass, of course - didn't knew it was possible at Gocheok); Larry's every single moment (Can't say more); Edge's stern, professional face (He makes me speechless); Bono's voice taking us higher, with his every word and every move...x Thank you New Zealand for giving us Greg Carroll and two great shows. Tour:

THANKS. 'Take us to church nowTake us to the templeTake us to the shrine, take us to the synagogue, take us to the mosque… take us to love.

: “because it was the place I knew least about… to quote a line from 'The Wanderer' 'I went out searching…'. First show outside Europe - SHINE LIKE STARS!!! 13 years to the day since U2's last performance in Japan. Including setlist, articles, pictures and fan reviews. List all details for U2 2019-12-08 - Seoul, South Korea, Gocheok Sky Dome - Joshua Tree Tour 2019.

Seoul showed U2 what they have been missing tonight. When I was chanting 'No more, no war' I really meant it... (You know this country is still technically at war-) I just hope that I don't have to wait for another nine years. Tour statistics You must be a logged-in member to add comments. can't wait! Wow! American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL, November 13, 2006: Welcome to korea..! U2 setlists from U2 Joshua Tree Tour 2019 Oceania and Asia with live concerts and media appearances sorted by date. I and my wife have already secured a flight from Nagoya to Seoul on Dec 7th and waiting for Pre-Sale on June 11th! Whatever happened to the introduction, they were fully ready. Note: But, The show was really a LIFETIME MOMENT!!!! The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 [url=]Edit this setlist[/url] | [url=]More U2 setlists[/url], Philippine Arena, Santa Maria, Philippines, with "California (There Is No End to Love)" snippet, with "Wise Blood" and "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe" snippet, with "She Loves You" and "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" snippets, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. (Sad that we missed Bad. 20 days to go, i am in red zone with my German and English friends! Well, this time, this is not an online live stream. They were fresh, youthful and new. Get the U2 Setlist of the concert at Fleet Center, Boston, MA, USA on June 9, 2001 from the Elevation Tour and other U2 Setlists for free on! But the way I always try to sing on records." 'It's been a long, long road that has bought us to Seoul and Korea and you but it doesn't matter how long it takes... as long as you get there in the end.

It was a really hard journey because I was able to stay only 3 days in LA due to my work. Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin, Germany. This included Sulli, the singer-actress who passed away earlier this fall.

Tour: U2's Concert History.

To be alive and to attend this show, to be a part of the audience and be in the sound, to actually see the gigantic screen and stage, the performance...all so beautiful. I will be the dome with her. Telstra Stadium, Sydney, Australia, November 13, 2014: U2 are an Irish alternative rock band from Dublin formed in 1976. The setlist threw a lot of surprises at me. U2 performed their first concert in South Korea today. A show, a performance is all about experience. Lets sold out the 1st night, so we can have one more for 9 of December :) Everyone knew that One would be a very special song here in Korea. Can't wait to see you guys here in Seoul! Let's make a great atmospher on the night and we will be the one! Not sure, but as I heard Bono's voice, and saw Larry walking down the stage, I went mad. And to hear this from our favorite Irish men is so special.
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, [url=][img][/img][/url] J.B. Scott's, Albany, NY, November 13, 1993: All other previous Asian shows have been in island countries off the coast of the continent, Japan and Singapore, or in the case of Turkey the band performed at a venue on the European side of Istanbul.

Get U2 setlists - view them, share them, discuss them with other U2 fans for free on! Beautiful Seoul people, haha. They were fresh, youthful and new. Luv ya lots! The setlist threw a lot of surprises at me. They definitely wanted to impress us, and so did we. I had avoided all spoilers and I really enjoyed how JT2019 is a hybrid of E+I and JT2017. Desire, surprisingly, remained in the setlist. Bad was not performed; this is the second show this tour at which it has not appeared, following the 19 November show in Adelaide. Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA, November 13, 2005: Amigo Awards - Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I, Madrid, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb Promo Tour, All That You Can't Leave Behind Promo Tour.

I am here! I'm waiting this concert about 30 years!!! The Whole of the Moon intro was skipped due to issues with the PA system. I can't wait to see u2. For the Joshua Tree Tour, I've seen a few photos and very short video clips, but no full video. It's U2 right in front of you, for real! This is was a memorable concert of U2. U2 performed their first concert in South Korea today.

Get the U2 Setlist of the concert at Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul, South Korea on December 8, 2019 from the The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 Tour and other U2 Setlists for free on! U2 announce 2020 launch of "U2X Radio" before "Elevation. Finally....! Get the U2 Setlist of the concert at Philippine Arena, Santa Maria, Philippines on December 11, 2019 from the The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 Tour and other U2 Setlists for free on!
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, [url=][img][/img][/url] Including setlist, articles, pictures and fan reviews.
U2 Setlist Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul, South Korea, The Joshua Tree Tour 2019
U2 Setlist Philippine Arena, Santa Maria, Philippines, The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 First U2 concert in the Philippines, 24 activities (last edit by kaz_usa, 13 Dec 2019, 15:29 Etc/UTC). I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!!!!! '… can still feel it… great peacemaker, great soul….sing with us.Blessed are the peacemakersPeacemakers in our neighbourhoodPeacemakers in this country, north and southWe pray for the peacemakers, will you sing with us…', The full house at the Gocheok Sky Dome gave the band a huge reception for their debut appearance in South Korea and the appreciation was mutual. Travel with Dreams ', IN THE SETLISTThe Goal WAS Seoul with a bouncing version of 'Elevation' & Beatles song snippets threaded through the set tonight, the spirit of John Lennon and the Beatles remembered in lines from 'Stand by Me' (in ISHFWILF), 'She Loves You' and 'Love Me Do' (during Vertigo) and 'Love Is All You Need' (in LIBTAIIW), WHAT DID ADAM SAY'It's a lot to take in… I'm gonna have to come back to make a closer inspection…' (when asked what he loved about being in Seoul for the first time), ON THE FANSITESTyler from U2 Fan Podcast Site @Rev_U2 (link : flew in from Manchester just for this show, we caught up with him on his way out of the stadium and he gave us a few words about tonights debut Korean show : 'a very cold baseball stadium… absolutely packed out and the coats came off when the music came on. Here's the complete set list and if you were at second show in Tokyo tonight, tell us all about it. I'm sure he heard the message! Thanks, Thank you so much for coming to Seoul! List all details for U2 1997-09-23 - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosevo Stadium - PopMart Tour. ANYONE KNOW IF IT IS IN THE AFTERNOON OR REGULAR TIME. We were ready to sing with you. [url=]Edit this setlist[/url] | [url=]More U2 setlists[/url], with "Wise Blood" and "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe” snippets, with "She Loves You" and "Love Me Do" snippets, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. @U2 Home Page - U2 News, Lyrics, Tour Dates & more, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. 'And as long as you can play 'Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For'. I was there too. What an unforgettable night. Honored by Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Hot Press, NME, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and more. The band plays so close, but not so far away! Thank you so much for coming to this country. I can't hardly wait to join the december concert!! The setlist threw a lot of surprises at me. The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 Add setlist, Note:

Can anyone offer any first hand advice on areas of Seoul that are good for tourists to stay in? Use this setlist for your event review and get all updates automatically! ", 13 activities (last edit by kaz_usa, 13 Aug 2020, 20:38 Etc/UTC). U2 did not seem like they'd been around for 40 years tonight. Dezember 2019 in Seoul, Gocheok Sky Dome - Leg 1 (Pacific) I have witnessed this "The Joshua Tree" 30 years anniversary tour from (RED) zone in Cleveland on July 2017 and it was one of the best moment in my life! Seoul showed U2 what they have been missing tonight. Come, and see how Seoul sing and breathe together with you!! No. Congratulations to every U2 lovers in Korea! I'll never forget it forever. Bad was fourth on the setlist, but was not played. WELCOME!!!! Must be a dream. Watch it below, Our other videos from this show follow the setlist. Tour statistics I was a teenager when I first heard Rattle & Hum. Welcome to Korea!! Often plagiarised, never matched. But I still HAVE found what I'm looking for :) 12 activities (last edit by vivifiant, 8 Dec 2019, 16:14 Etc/UTC). I Still Haven't Found ended with a lengthy snippet of Stand By Me that involved the entire first verse and the chorus. Hello, Can I bring my 5 year old daughter to this show? This is the first time it has been performed at consecutive shows on the current tour.


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