Yes, that's perfectly normal - Ylands does not need VC Redist (thus does not install it) and DirectX is usually already installed in Windows, so we don't install that either. I'll make it to a lobby, and it will crash every single time. Have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times now, once with Avast disabled. That's a really, really weird solution though. Have tried everything listed before. It worked for me. I'd like to try it out in one way or another. Are you still coming across this issue? Messing around with Compatibility Option earlier prompted Windows to ask wether the program was run correctly, upon saying "no" it just offered other compatibility settings - Tried all of those, no change.

Is it still illegal to crack a game if I paid the creators for it?

Still hoping for a possible solution, thanks in advance. : Should I expect a Day-One patch tonight? I'll also mention again (Just as in the support request I sent) that the "output_log_clean" file I was asked repeadetly to include does not exist in the specified location. ", Is it Windows, or Steam or Ylands that is providing this error (Windows will usually handle a crashed program, but Steam and Ylands are also capable of providing errors on startup!). I'm out of ideas at this point. I am hesitant to refresh my Graphics card drivers (Just did that a few days ago, download takes too long due to slow internet and I don't have time for it right now). UNO crashes after want to start a join online game. It seems to me from your dxdiag like your drivers are somehow bonked.

Thanks for letting us know. But i cant play online. By default the maximum resolution is 1920x1080p. There's a new one out today, I'll try that later... but not  getting my hopes up. I have tried quite a lot of possible solutions, and to avoid wasting time, here's a list of them. Note: I was also asked to include an "output_log_clean", but there is no such thing in my game files. UNO crashes after want to start a join online game. The game keeps crashing over and over. SF has started crashing on every attemp to open i can see the daily reward popup and before i can do any thing the game crashes and back to the desktop. Please help me hats the problem. downloaded the Driver package from provided link, then did a manual istall, first having the installer uninstall everything and do a clean install. I now  only  access the game through  steam to ensure i  am using the latest   updated  version. As you see, all I can do it "Ok" or "X" out. Here's what I tried: -Launching .exe as admin and launching Steam as admin, -Fully uninstalling and doing a fresh re-download of Ylands. games against computer work fine.. but if i want to join a game online it doesnt work its crash and i send even the error protocol to the support. Every time I attempt to play online at all, the game crashes for me. I'll start downloading now, might take the entire afternoon due to slow internet.
I tried adjusting every setting in the game, but even after double checking every setting, the long and tedious process ultimately led to no answers. yood...   are you using the trial version...which  has been discontinued... or  the  paid  for steam version? Maybe some problem with different authorization states? If it's Windows, there should be a more info button, and it should provide some form of error code, that could help us narrow down the cause. -Changed launch options per Steam, concerning Startup Settings and Direct X versions. Is this normal behaviour? I tried Jigglypuff's solution of playing a solo game against AIs first, and regardless of whether I quit early or finished it to the end, that didn't work. Hello there i buyed today UNO cause i like it since i am small.

Ran as admin and normally, in both cases, same error message as before. -Setting .exe as always launch as admin, then starting trough Steam (Guy on the Steam forums said it fixed it). Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Experiencing the same situation... Other possible fix, start an online game and let it load a lobby.
Let sit a bit than back out to the online screen, join a game and it should work. After downloading, upon first launching the application, normally I would get a Steam window popup, saying its installing VCRedist and I believe DirectX too, before launching the game itself. I specially want to play online thats why i buyed it. Happy to do it if there's a chance it helps. Could you please run a DXDiag and post the results? Type in MSCONFIG and press Enter. Check Hide all Microsoft services, then click the option to Disable All. I don't have BitDefender either. im having exactly the same problem its ridiculous, UPDATE: Just fixed it, ensure surround sound is off, my game crashes whenever i try to join a game.

Day 3... really getting hyped again, watched some YouTube videos now, looks fun.

If this new user account fixes the problem for anyone, and they find out the specific problem, please update me so I don't have to keep switching user accounts. So instead of making a new topic here I'm just gonna keep going here. Need help... Just did a full and clean reinstall of Ylands on Steam. Going above this limit is possible by following this guide on how to set a custom resolution by editing the …

so I ran the download overnight and installed the new GPU driver today, then restarted my system.

My hardware above, I went over it a few times and I'm convinced it meets the minimum reqs for playing. Hello there i buyed today UNO cause i like it since i am small. Select dxdiag from the results.


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