You cannot paste images directly. Violin makers round the edges with a fine round needle file to prevent this. Thanks - That helps me understand it a lot more! Display as a link instead, ×
Anyway, after just a couple days the hook sliced throught the loop and the string was kaput. Made in Germany, the Victor-E string has a very warm but vibrant sound and is extremely comfortable under the fingers. This leads to different results in color: Why are different materials used in the string production? You simply place the loop over the hook on the fine tuner. If you have a ball end E string and need a loop end, you can get the ball … I learned the hard way, by taking out the ball on my Infeld E so that I could put the loop directly over the hook on the fine tuner. However, Thomastik-Infeld has also developed a special solution for some violin E- and A-strings with steel cores and viola A-strings with steel cores, whereby the ball can be pressed out of or back into the loop as required. More info is available on our page data protection. This refers to the end of the string that attaches to the tailpiece. Or doesn't it matter? Is one type better than the other for a better sound? In my limited experience, you find loop end strings only for the E (on a violin). (There was no way to use the ball end with that particular fine tuner.) If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. If the edges are sharp they will break the loop open. Is it the set-up of the tailpiece, or can they be used interchangedly? I hope Richf figured it out... You can post now and register later. The fine tuners made for loop end strings have a single small, rounded hook, while the ones used with ball end strings have a slot in the hook to accommodate for the ball end.

Depending on the production and requirement, ball ends, crimp ends and tulip ends can be used. Sign up below to stay up to date on all the latest trends, products and news. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Have you spent years mastering the art of string playing but still know little about the ideal way to handle your tools? By If you use a fine adjuster tailpiece then you want a ball end E. If you use a tailpiece with slots and a fine adjuster for the E then you usually need a loop E. Some E string fine adjusters take a ball end. What data is provided in the Thomastik-Infeld string catalog and what does it mean? Clear editor. What I did was to keep the fine tuner and switch to an open-loop Jargar E. The guage is a greater on the Jarger, I guess, since it hasn't broken since I put it on 2 months ago.

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What I did was to keep the fine tuner and switch to an open-loop Jargar E. The guage is a greater on the Jarger, I guess, since it hasn't broken since I put it on 2 months ago. Please change your data protection settings. × What is the difference between loop verses ball ends of strings? In my limited experience, you find loop end strings only for the E (on a violin). This is probably a basic question, but I don't really know the answer. In the days of gut, you had a knot in the string that caught in the slot in the tailpiece. Stringtelligence offers you an exclusive insight into the science of strings. Each of these balls is connected to the string core using complex knotting technology.


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