Although the user can program the proportional gain multiplier with this field to “fine-tune” throttle response, it is typically not adjusted. 8¥ ´Æ~)2Û‡z H”ì`"%)ß¿Ñ~,å/ÃÀê¼üÏø‘ŒÅø‘iP3Xhê�±ğvºÃ¿-äEÛÙâªïLî_;Bñ;p¬�`œHÇ÷Â_7ğ¹/²MgÚ[¯LÛu¥KèÛ#Å�`$ûÒHÍÖˆ.£�fHè)¿ |ß`w¡vjYBb�ğ߀5�.‚tbC–ìrªŠÏN‘Dˆ�2°-ÚŒ€ÙOáí�Tü‰Ğ8ı'*.|>ŸO*Iê°R©Um1�b$@şìj»i¯ëæ‰ ûK±ïï2€ˆÍ”[S§"$ÙUÏ.dÚ¶ «t–á¤TÛy¾Xh}9­QÊ|ò� kY ŒRêÓÒXŠ$&ódR!’" ér4Ï[5€kí¡ÌñSŞÇÙ_¡nŒÕ¦Nîå…Ò (�cŸuÅ÷1ÚÖ‚iB¬Æ‘ÏJc��Ø. MODBUS ® addresses 40025 and 40026 contain the time in seconds that ALM454 became active. Field descriptions continued on next page... 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 ESP PANEL DESCRIPTIONS 3.05-34 FORM 6295 Fourth Edition [F10] STATUS PANEL DESCRIPTION Figure 3.05-20 Status Panel in ESP – Fields 22 through 28 Figure 3.05-21 Status Panel in ESP – Field 29 (7042GL Prechamber Fuel) 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 ESP PANEL DESCRIPTIONS FORM 6295 Fourth Edition 3.05-35 [F10] STATUS PANEL DESCRIPTION – REFER TO FIGURE 3.05-20 and FIGURE 3.05-21 “Stats Loaded” This field should always be green and signal the user it is OK. SENSOR HARNESS EXHAUST TEMP SENSOR 740119 & 740043A 211893, A740119 740118 & 740043 A740120 78212C 740120 740043B 740043B 740120 A740120 A295844D 740043C 295844D A295844D 740043C 295844D INTAKE MANIFOLD TEMPERATURE SENSOR 211893, A740119, 740119 & 740043A (GAS REG) STEPPER (GAS REG) STEPPER AC740500B STEPPER (GAS REG) AC740502B STEPPER (GAS REG) AC740500B AC740502B (GAS REG) STEPPER - + - + - + - + VHP SERIES FOUR 12 CYLINDER WIRING DIAGRAM NOTES 1. “Undo All Changes” This button allows the user to reset all the programmable fields back to the programmed parameters that were last saved to permanent memory (NVRAM) in the ECU. If the ESM system detects a fault with the engine or the ESM system’s components that is not serious enough to shut the engine down, a different digital out- put will be energized so that the user control knows of the alarm. PLC micro- processors are designed for high-speed, real-time, and rugged industrial environments. “Driven Equipment ESD” This field allows the user to program an overspeed shutdown to pro- tect driven equipment. Based on the electrical signal from the magnetic pickup, the governor compares current engine speed with desired engine speed and responds by adjusting the throttle position of the engine. If the emergency stop digital input to the ECU goes low, then the fuel and ignition are de-energized simultaneously.

Allow 30 seconds after the engine stops for the actuator cali- bration to finish.

V. LIMITATION OF WAUKESHA’S OBLIGATIONS The obligations of Waukesha under this express limited warranty shall be waived and voided, and Waukesha shall not, thereafter, be responsible for: A. The law of Texas shall govern. Contact your Customer Service Representative at Waukesha Engine to complete remote programming. F. Click left or right “Home” button on [F8] panel. torque wrench when using this position. Synchronizer or alternate dynamics mode can be enabled by bringing a digital input on the ECU to +24 VDC nominal. “Right Bank Ignition Timing” This field dis- plays individual cylinder timing in degrees before top dead center (° BTDC). Wauke- sha Engine requires a “freewheeling” diode be added across the coils of relays and solenoids to suppress high induced voltages that may occur when equipment is turned off. A small “drip loop” should be formed in all wires before entering the electrical devices.

Refer to Table 2.10-1 for harness connection, and refer to Figure 2.10-3 for VHP Series Four 12-Cylinder Wiring Diagram. Failure to supply documents such as drawings and specifications relating to the specific application of the Products; or J. IMPORTANT! #7 in firing order Value * 1 16-bit unsigned integer that goes from 0 to 255 30071 Spark reference num- ber cyl. This method widens the Lambda range that can be used in order to maintain required emissions. When an adjustment is entered, the actual “Low Idle RPM” is updated to reflect the adjustment. All requirements of the Federal Occupa- tional Safety and Health Act must be met when Waukesha products are operated in areas that are under the jurisdiction of the United States of America. that can be programmed. To program the “WKI” field, See “Programming WKI Value” on page 3.10-8. The IPM-D fires at a Level 2 (high) ignition energy on engine startup or as a result of spark plug wear. 24 VDC POWER The packager needs to supply 24 VDC power to the Power Distribution Junction Box. The green LED is on whenever power is applied to the ECU. Engine firing order is stamped on the engine nameplate.

Apply compound ONLY to sensor threads. The batteries should be wired directly to the Power Distribution Box using the largest cable that is practical (00 AWG is the largest size that the Power Distribution Box can accommodate).

A bus is a common pathway, or channel, between multiple devices. Although the lines in Step 14 may not be exactly what is shown on your PC, make sure that the param- eter, S00=001, is listed. Once [Enter] is pressed, the new value becomes “active,” meaning the ECU is using the new value to operate the ESM system. Harness Shield Shield SLVR 46 18 20 1137 GOVALTSYN Alternate governor dynamics. When E-STOP is displayed, the engine cannot be restarted. Click the “Stop Editing” button. If not, recheck gas/air and read- just carburetors.

START Normal Shutdown (Run / Stop) Input A digital signal input to the ECU that must be connected to +24 VDC nominal (8.6 – 36 volts) for the engine to run.

Determine whether you would like to extract the file into a .TXT file that can be opened in Microsoft ® Word or another word processing program; or if you would like to extract the file into a .TSV file that can be opened and charted in Microsoft ® Excel or another spreadsheet program.

Kilograms to Pounds Kilograms multiplied by 2.205 equals pounds. • When a PC is connected to the ECU and ESP is running, the operator is notified of an alarm or shut- down on the ESP panels in addition to the Status LEDs. Table 1.10-1 lists the pro- moters and reducers of detonation. Contact the coupling or driven equipment manufac- turer for the moment of inertia value. 8.

“Throttle Feedback” This field displays the throttle actuator’s position in mA.

Rotating moment of inertia is needed for all driven equipment.

MODBUS ® establishes a common format for the layout and con- tent of messages. See Section 2.35 ESM System Communications “MOD- BUS ® (RS-485) Communications” for variable addresses. Electrical shock can cause severe personal injury or death. Eleven “points” for each (air/fuel ratio, rich/lean limits) can be programmed Rich Limit – max. The changed value is temporarily saved to the ECU. Within the directory “Logs” there is a subdirectory (or subdirectories) named with the engine serial number. I. DESCRIPTION OF OPERATION 1.10-6 FORM 6295 Fourth Edition Figure 1.10-4 Electronic Service Program’s (ESP’s) Graphical User Interface ESM SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS The ESM system performs self-diagnostics using the input and output values from the ECU, the sensors, and engine performance. Each of the panels is viewed by clicking the corre- sponding tab or by pressing the corresponding func- tion key ([F#]) on the keyboard. Dresser, Inc., disclaims any proprietary interest in these marks owned by others. 2. Damage from detonation will eventually lead to com- plete failure of the affected part. 8. During the time when the throttle actuator is not in an alarm state, the field is gray and signals the user that NO throttle actuator fault exists.

SECURITY VIOLATION The ECU is protected from unauthorized reprogram- ming. Click on the drop-down menu arrow in the “Baud Rate” field.

“Arrow Buttons” and “Home” The AFR sys- tem must be in manual mode for the user to use the right bank arrow buttons. See Section 3.10 ESP Program- ming “IPM-D Programming” for more information. The changed value is temporarily saved to the ECU. #8 in firing order Value * 1 16-bit unsigned integer that goes from 0 to 255 30072 Spark reference num- ber cyl.


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