Both announcements were made on the week of International Women’s Day, which prime minister Boris Johnson seems intent on celebrating. He shouted ”you son of a bitch” to the boy before he fired on the family. One must remember that the word “equal”, from which the word equality is derived, means “the same”, which is of course quite incorrect. It’s the liberal progressive agenda that’s being indoctrinated onto us too cater to women. I would argue this leads to far more and destructive wars. to an extent that we might actually succeed in making ourselves obsolete. Whoops! Then, of course, make sure she doesn’t have access to weapons in your home. The “manosphere” is stronger than ever, even when you’re fighting amongst yourselves. I think not. No it hasn’t always been that way. “More women than men are attending college and earning degrees It can be difficult to look away from that as well though. We are kept swamped and distracted with the shouting and jousting like it were bread and circus. They dont even have to do that if they ensnare a mangina. If at the end of the five years you want to go, you go. They’re in possession of STOLEN GOODS (human child trafficking) and no higher authority to break the cabal. What’s Affirmative Action then? I don’t look at the statistic so negatively. When it comes to Muslims and the way they treat women, my response is “a broken clock is right twice a day.” Also, when John Quincy Adams wrote about Islam in the early 1800s, he even said Muslim women were treated like crap. GM has a female CEO, but, for fuck sake GM should have been bankrupt and gone many times over.

The danger here is their vanity: they want to both pull the strings behind the scenes AND appear in the figure-head role, thus risking exposing the manipulation behind that narrative. Truer words never said.

That results in higher rate of first date failure.

25. women get free ladies night at bars. meaning lesser women reject your advances? If women want to play games, then don’t play them. Usually the father isn’t around, so they send the women to abuse classes and hope it solves the problem. Looks like some dude sat down pissed off and wrote up all the things he was mad about, found a few stats that worked in his favor, and posted this garbage. Anonymous guest or not, your second sentence pretty much sums up this Catch-22. Cancer starts small and is most easily eradicated nipped at the bud where and when it forms. I’m already living in a defeated land. This appears to be one of those “you’re so far behind in the race you believe you are winning” situations. Here’s how you can register to take part on Sunday 8 March. Homer: “Which goes great with another male invention: The car!”. Yeah, yeah they fucking do. logical vs emotional, abstract vs concrete) so that probably certain areas of the brain may light up for some functions (e.g. This site is a man’s site. The patriarchy can only be weakened, not destroyed.

22. . And of course, no male politician or CEO would ever speak out on any of these issues. The Asian and Russian will be allowed to chauffeur. …while at the same time women won’t do anything against male circumcision, and make even fun of it. She had my dad some 30 years before. Women are so unthankful to men, after all we have built this world. Until they major in something useful, they will be useless. I have to disagree with this. *94.2% of radio and telecommunications equipment installers and repair technicians are men. Last September, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was indefinitely suspended from the NFL after a video of him punching his then-fiancee Janay Palmer was released by TMZ. Women are far more willing to dehumanize men than the other way around, and women also use violence by proxy. She met my grandfather, b.1920, married him and had three children. Women would be expected to pay for everything, not men. The top picture is not from America. That’s funny!! Enough slippery little sluts have wiggled their asses into our domains for long enough. If the man cheats he has to be punished if the woman cheats the man was not making her life interesting and the man gets punished. *82.4% of all industrial production managers are men. (valley grrl accent) “There’s like no good guys anymore.” Continues weeping, sniffles. Ive sen good response for CHS from Gamers on Twitter when I was reading about Gamergate. Here are some hard facts: 97%+ male? Also women are almost never put in prison for equal deeds.

Their goal is CLEAR- to weaken the white man AND family unit.

The fact that they are friends with people they honestly don’t like.

Women cannot learn these disciplines with even the slightest degree of mastery.


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