This was compounded by the fact that the only windows in this theater were on the south-facing side of the building, which was where the audience was facing. Exactly How Much 6 Couples Spent on Their Weddings, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. She got increasingly drunk and offended an increasing number of guests while complaining that she would just like to say something, because she, unlike someone else, loved her children. I got paid very well though, so I’m not complaining. I was worried I’d have to attend the wedding in shorts, but luckily was able to cobble something together with a dress shirt and slacks that other people happened to have on hand. Turns out, the mother didn’t want a white Australian for a son-in-law and tried to kill herself in protest. Cancel the wedding!”. When the question was posed, what is the most appalling behaviour you've seen from a guest at a wedding? The officiant showed up in a t-shirt and sweatpants. It just made us all sad to watch what we figure will inevitably be a divorce.” — Amy, 29, 9. "Got drunk, felt up the bride, complained about the food, and then got stuck in the ladies' bathroom stall. While they were romantic and popular songs, they were about heartache and breakup. But the groom left glaring at his future mother-in-law, probably wondering what he was getting into for the long term. ", 5. "At the reception the new couple were sitting there with a long line of people waiting to pay their respects. Share this with someone who’s getting married soon! The wedding was in May and they were getting married in this beautiful old church. Anyway, the wedding day went by uneventful, until the bride and groom were on their honeymoon. They gave her explicit instructions as to where these napkins were. Then he hears about his new daughter-in-law double teaming a hobo. –lehmoney. It was funny and even kind of cute at first. An hour later, she got a frantic call from the reception hall, because the cake fell, “all by itself.”, Turns out, MOB waited until Mom left, placed the car topper on top of the cake, and left for the ceremony. A whole new way to sh*t on the aesthetic details of complete strangers’ weddings and a new low for the wedding industry/humans. They followed her into the main reception room to find a full on fight going on, which appears to have been started by my friend's nan getting drunk and reopening old wounds. “I was in a wedding party where the groom’s brother (and best man) forgot the rings in the limo and he cursed him out at the altar in front of the rest of the wedding party. She pretended to faint when the vows were being exchanged after bragging earlier to someone that she was going to do just that and cause a scene. Even the most in-love couples can be difficult to work with at times. It wasn’t a joke. The father of the groom later loaded him into an accessible taxi and told him to get lost. The father of the bride was being his typical spineless self. Umm, Is Your Dog Ruining Your Sex Life RN too? That's why mothers with kids of all ages come to; because they're still interested in news about entertainment, health, current affairs and food along with an inspiring and useful stream of parenting advice and support. She then proceeded to tell a story about the two of them going on a road trip, picking up some dude with a foot fetish, and taking turns f*cking him in a seedy motel. She exploded during dessert and called her new daughter-in-law a bitch who didn't deserve to be in her family. Not to point fingers, but apparently the bride took way too long to get ready, and the venue was just handing out mimosas and drinks like candy. That was all fine. Let them make the choices they like, and I’ll provide music at no charge, so the question of who’s paying for it is no longer a factor.”, That solved the problem instantly. Most importantly, they come because they want to hear personal stories of parenting directly from other mothers, without fear of judgement. Afterward, no one clapped. It sucked.” — Will, 31, 5. They all just looked around as if they were unsure if they all saw the same thing. You’d think that working in the wedding industry would be kind of magical, right? I’m a professional violinist, and I’ve seen some things. For some ungodly reason, Precious Moments cake toppers were all the rage for a while. At one point, right before she was set to walk out, you could hear her screaming outside at her own mother over something. But it was awful to obviously watch everyone go through the motions of this wedding while at the same time being worried about their relative.” — Pete, 28, 10. Officiant here. A recent AskReddit thread asked people who work in the wedding industry to share their own tales of weddings gone wrong. ", 14. They actually broke up. "The brother of the groom proposing to their significant other. Besides being heavy, it was also larger than the top tier of the cake. There’s all that love in the air, cake, confetti, and happiness! I fucked her first!' In the wildly popular Facebook group, "That's It I'm Wedding Shaming", the newlywed wrote that her dad's friend asked if he could bring his daughter and her husband to their small wedding. This content is imported from {embed-name}. We obviously couldn’t couldn’t play for the recessional and had to run a short distance inside to pack the instruments up rather than risk staying outside and getting the instruments soaked. The person who was going to officiate was a rabbi who was also a professor of the bride and groom. it came as a shock to the rest of the room. The story comes courtesy of Twitter user @0lspicykeychain, who says they found the status in a “wedding shaming” group they’re part of on Facebook. The hotel was pretty booked up so some people had to drive home like that. Either way, it’s train wreck that you just can’t tear your eyes off. The church was so old it didn’t have air conditioning and the place was packed, which didn’t help.” — Keith, 27, 12. Mother Nature apparently had a problem with this next wedding. She also did another fake faint as the bride was leaving the church and caused a domino effect of falling bridesmaids — luckily the bride and groom got away OK. People responded with some absolute shockers. If I recall correctly, everyone knew she was OK and had gotten cold feet or whatever. –SmthgWicked. So, if you’re ever cheating on someone and don’t plan on staying married after the air comes out of the floaties, just ask your officiant to be a bro and not mail the thing, that way you’re only out $75 and not the cost of an actual divorce. "I was at a wedding where the bride's best friend and maid of honour stood up to give a toast and tell a story about the bride. The two of them go up to the front of the room and tried to do a dance that — even if performed well — would have been the cringiest thing I have ever seen. Matthew Perry Announces ‘Friends’ Reunion Has Been Rescheduled for Next Year, There’s a Good Reason That Hollywood Stopped Casting Jim Carrey, Meet America’s Future First Daughter, Ashley Biden. She later told our coordinator that she had seen them but that couple “hadn’t paid her enough” to set out napkins. –ec1722. “Not wedding shaming but wedding guest shaming,” the woman wrote in the post, which had nearly 200 comments. "Not really a 'guest' exactly, but during my step sisters wedding some people crashed the wedding and stole her wedding cake. "Brief but tacky - the mother of the bride showed up in a white dress. The groom's mother cuts in front and says in a really loud voice to the bride: 'Your sister just told me to go f*ck myself. I can’t even imagine how much the whole thing cost. Promise. The stepmother of the bride was in a snit. My mom made wedding cakes for almost 20 years in the 1990s-2000s. "I was at a wedding where the bride's best friend and maid of honour stood up to give a toast and tell a story about the bride. Nobody could kick his arse because he was in a wheelchair. –illogicalfuturity. It’s a rare wedding that can go off with out a hitch. I was asked to DJ a friends wedding. So the bride, being the cool girl she is, said: “wouldn’t it be awesome to just do songs that people love but are all about breakups and see if anyone catches on?”, So that is how their wedding playlist is going to go. The bride and her party were an hour and a half late with no explanation, the music they provided was low quality, the ring bearer lost the rings, the main musician insisted they control the mic power from the headset receiver but forgot to turn it on a lot, etc. The couple had asked her to place handmade, customized napkins the wedding party had finished the night before the wedding.


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