You can reach us on our contact page. Sounds like a whole lot of weird food in Colombia, that I need to try! I don’t think I have the digestive system to try them out at the moment. Philippines along with a few other southeast Asian countries consume this dish. Well, if these questions have woke you […], Babies are a huge responsibility and taking care of them is not everyone’s cup of tea. Despite being a more common ‘exotic food’, it remains one of the most sought-after food items ever. those are super yucky to see.. but i might try it too.. never knew baby mice is a delicacy in HK.. eww, Your email address will not be published. So much so that many countries have placed a ban on the farming, hunting, and collection of indigenous frogs. 2018 Who Needs Maps - Travel Blog. It’s also possible to eat an entire taco of, . Bison genitals, sheep nuts, the expensive tiger penis-you can go NUTS (see what I did there?) Pidan, infamously known as the Century Egg, is a Chinese preserved food. It is rightfully one of the most exotic foods ever. It consists of any type of egg, most commonly duck and chicken eggs, preserved which chemicals and various types of liquids to give its distinctive flavor and color. The most popular (and strange) pre-Hispanic food in. What makes them one of the most exotic foods in the world are the … Contact us if you are in the area and have something exciting going on. Southeast Asia easily has some of the best foods we have tried amongst our travels. I’ve also had cow tongue before realising what it was and that’s not too bad either! Required fields are marked *. Silkworm Larvae in South Korea One of the most unusual foods I’ve ever eaten was silkworm larvae, aka bundaegi, in South Korea. , or Mexican grasshoppers. May 11, 2018, 10:25 am, by We are willing (actually excited) to try everything EXCEPT the baby mice. Out of a love for travel, writing, photography, sharing stories and a desire to inspire others, I created this space to connect with other like-minded individuals. The whole marmot cooked with hot stone and torched from outside. Bile, blood, and even a live snake heart, this experience is not for the weak! ;) Hats off to you for trying them out! Ishaan Khurana Appreciate the comment. From Pad Thai, to Curry, to Mie Goreng, to Bahn Mi’s- we never left hungry! Sooraj Ram thanks for stoping by! Escargots de Bourgogne: France. And ya know what? Found in China (Wangfujing Markets in Beijing), Laos, Thailand and Cambodia, these are the staple of weird Delicacies in Southeast Asia. May 29, 2017, 9:59 am, How to Celebrate Your Wife’s Birthday: 10 Awesome Ideas. ‘Exotic’ is a vaguely subjective term – what may be traditional or common for one part of the world may translate to ‘eccentric’ or ‘bizarre’ for the other. There are also scorpions and tiny lobsters (reminiscent of crawdad’s if you’re from the American south). They’re pretty tasty when flavoured properly, but the bones get on your nerves after a while. May 31, 2019, 11:21 am, by Hi Lovely GWT! June 20, 2019, 3:31 am, by A home for extraordinary people around the world. It is described as a savory pudding made exclusively with the inner organs of a sheep like the heart, liver and lungs. Try a food that is completely foreign to your every thought of what food is “suppose” to be. Here are the Top 10 Most Exotic dishes from around the World: 10. The corn tortilla is covered in refried beans, avocado and a generous serving of Mexican grasshopper. ekta jalan March 31, 2018, 4:55 am, by I havent tried all of them but Jack has tried most! With both mental and physical changes of the body, the truth is that the child and the parent are equally confused. Along the way, I share my journey and strategies on Travel, Art and Life. I do hope that the world in general moves towards, So without further ado, let’s get into these, The French are by far the biggest consumers popular in purist Gallic gastronomes, known locally as grenouilles or. Starfishes are difficult to eat, their outer shell is spiky, hard and mostly inedible while the inner meat is mushy and soft. Layers Technologies Their taste has been described as similar to that of crab meat and sea urchins. While the smell overpowers the reputation of the dish, it has been reported that the taste is quite unique and pleasant. The eggs are prepared by preserving them in a mixture of clay, ash, quicklime and other chemicals depending on different places. You can eat things like bugs and chicken feet like it’s candy. From changing diapers to bothering about feeding them on time, it is a full-time responsibility that not all of us maybe ready to take up. But if hardwood floor doesn’t fit your budget, you may consider a great alternative- engineered hardwood for your floor replacement […], So, you think you have found your dream home and cannot wait any longer to move in. bharti chellani But these exotic and crazy foods to us are just snacks and a source of protein for them! Unlike what women tend to believe,men are not always behind a good looking partner. Shreya Samant Welcome to A Rai of Light! Kiss you all! Chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen sulfide cause it to have a pungent smell and strong salty flavor. It’s is a total cultural thing (and partially physiological for us) but you might as well try them while you are there! But did you know that in Asia, they eat a lot of other weird exotic foods that you have never even dreamt of eating? 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