It is... unholy. Here's a list of 13 weird (but surprisingly universal) food things people really love to do. I am going to be clear: I find this combination revolting. I am going to be clear: I find this combination revolting. It's still unpleasant, but in a way that almost hides the greasy combination of ground-up butcher trash that goes into the hot dog. Mostly air. We do not judge. But on top of that—chocolate? Obsessive writer fueled by espresso and drive. Weird food combinations are as American as apple pie, after all. There exist such weird combinations of food that any rational, sane person would find sickening, but some people—some mad, crazy few—actually love them. The taste of vanilla is completely eclipsed by the soy sauce. .css-d8ali9-Footer{padding:1em;}.css-1bjgiud-SiteLink-Footer{color:#1A1A1A;padding:1em;}ExploreContactPrivacy PolicyTerms of UseSupport. From my own experience, I know that desperation can lead to impromptu combinations of whatever is available, some of which fail terribly, but others that work. Fluffy. facebook twitter pinterest Shares Get more Spoon in your feed. It can take hours of time you may not have. Some food combinations seem strange at first, but turn out to be surprisingly delicious. If you want a heart-attack, then you'll love this!

The very idea of energy drinks and soda, for example, are fairly odd. I can honestly admit I haven't tried matcha tea yet. There exist such weird combinations of food that any rational, sane person would find sickening, but some people—some mad, crazy few—actually love them.

Ketchup on burgers? The moment I first heard of this combination, I felt the distinct urge to vomit so violently that my bowels would burst out from my mouth like some sock turned inside-out.

Peanut butter and jelly may appear like an odd combination to anyone who has never heard of it before. Why not? Get Spoon University delivered to you Join. All the ingredients are basically toxic sludge that we deliberately put into our bodies.

Verdict on this weird food combination: good with a mild cheese, but bad with a sharp one. But not just any cookie, but a cookie that possesses stark chocolate and stark vanilla flavors. The very combination of the two is enough to churn one's stomach. Tufts University.

It also doesn't help that the sight of rice rising up from the sea of red ketchup almost reminds me of maggots rising up from rotting garbage. Rae Steinbach. Salt on ice cream is sometimes alright, but this ice cream is .css-u6hpqs-Italic{font-style:italic;}.css-nuxzf3-Bold{font-weight:bold;}toosalty. It's like Germany's WWII fronts in terms of flavor. It's just wrong. I always interpretted soy sauce as something you put on warm, savory food... so the sweet combination is highly off-putting. This almost memetic combination has motivated people to throw up their hands and just ask "What the hell are you people thinking?" Easy, Cheating Prawn and Cream Cheese Risotto.

Soda is just syrup and water mixed together—weird, right? Ground meat. “The bachelor’s treat” does not sound that sweet, if you catch our drift. Thank you, humanity, for ruining ketchup. Each day, I observed many rushed executives check-in needing a quick pick me up - they always asked if the hotel bistro offered matcha tea. Splinters of this fried garbage will be ensnared in your teeth as Nutella spreads across your tastebuds. Jelly offers an odd complement to the meaty hot dog. This will stun you, startle you, and may also leave you tasting way too much of the other thing to remain sane for very much longer. The research into weird food combinations eliminated my love for ketchup. I admit that I'm not a cookies and milk kinda guy, but I always assumed that the combination of the smooth, creamy taste with the sweetness of chocolate really blended well together, making that combination of food almost common. The very thought of it makes me sick to my stomach.

This one right here? 18 Weird Food Combinations That are Actually Delicious Think of these as strange and beautiful updates to peanut butter and jelly. Whatever. The texture and sour flavor of the pickle really clashes with the dryness of the peanut butter. You don't eat dark chocolate unless you really like bitter but sweet food. More power to you if you like it. Mac and Cheese + Ketchup. I may have thrown up a little looking this one up. This combination sounds like someone said, "Hey, OJ is fun to drink, so is milk... why not mix it with cookies?" Some people like pizza and chocolate. They are meat. The idea that ketchup can ever substitute tomato sauce makes me sick to my stomach. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of weird food combinations that are… Burger Season has come and gone once again, the Sun has found its peak revelation in the longest day, the burns of our endeavors are healing in the salve of our victories and the League drifts leaderless upon an endless empty sea of adventure! Did your weirdest food combo or flavor combination make the list? Jelly and peanut butter works because the flavors compliment each other. So I approached peanut butter and pickles with a rational, open mind. One Refinery29 staffer said that, in middle school, her entire grade used to layer Hot Cheetos onto their bagels and cream cheese.

All Rights Reserved. Things are going wrong on both sides, and just closing in to the ultimate conclusion that you made a bad decision. The idea that ketchup can ever substitute tomato sauce makes me sick to my stomach. We're thinking specifically of combos like pineapple on pizza, prosciutto on honeydew melon, and french fries dipped in milkshake.

That’s not the first word you’d expect a baby to utter. If you're an adventurous eater like me, trying these weird food combinations and it might just change your world. Dark chocolate is a naturally bitter thing to eat.

Many people combine cheese and crackers, while others mix crackers with peanut butter. Rice is one of the mildest tasting things in the world. Why, you may ask? The most you get out of the cheese is the texture, but the peanut butter far outshines the taste of the cheese. When done well, this can create a combination of flavors that leaves you happy and content.

It is just a gross combination of flavors. YouTube Subscribe . Bad news: you don't really taste the cheese. Now, this weird food combo is very specific but deservedly so. And energy drinks? It was at this point in my crusade that ketchup lost all appeal to me.

Why not ruin ketchup a little more for me? Baking can be a tricky endeavor, as many desserts require a ton of ingredients and steps that can leave beginners a little overwhelmed. The first person to try these combos probably got some strange looks, but now nobody bats an eye over an order of Hawaiian pizza. Can't save this mess. I can only conclude that people who enjoy this have never had good tomato sauce, and, thus, don't know what they're missing. It is downright stomach churning. Together, it creates a load of clashing tastes that is sure to give you diabetes if you dare attempt it more than once. Here... well, they don't clash, but they are incredibly off-putting. It remains so popular a dish that people regularly order it at pizzerias... and the pizzerias receive the orders enough that they are able to prepare it. The flavors clash on two fronts! An ordinary cookie might clash, but with oreos? History. Yet this weird food combination seems popular among people for some reason that escapes me. That's the taste. The only way you can make this worse is if you unload a whole container of ketchup into it.

Hey, I worry about you guys sometimes. Just makes no sense. The very thought of it makes me sick to my stomach. But not acid fruit. “Pizza”

But there are plenty of people who swear by, shall we say, less traditional weird food combinations. One Redditor asked his fellow users what their favorite weird food combos are.

Yes, there are weird food combos that people like and try. Are you all alright? When done wrong - when done like this - it will sicken you to your stomach, and make you want to puke. That email doesn't look right. That's all you're going to taste. Some of the snacks Americans eat are fairly bizarre.

Granted, there are no flavors being combined. The only ill thing that will happen is your cereal will get soggy. Hard. I question their logic ordering this dish, but sure. It somehow intensifies the taste of the soy sauce, thus making it harder to process.

You do not serve ground meat cold.

But popcorn is light. It is interesting how different food combinations which seem obvious to some are heretical to others, and how many arguments can occur over whether putting two different foods together is weird or genius. Nobody said acid and cookies should ever go together. Sugar is bad for you. Like, why would you do this to yourself?

Chocolate is sweet. Being raised in a household that was up the road from the local pizza shop, my parents recalled how entranced I became in the backseat of the car, each and every time we drove past it. They were never meant to be cold. You ever hear about how when you put orange and blue together, or red and green, that the contrasting colors make each other stand out more?

Realms of taste that should never be ventured upon. Since the beginning of our civilization, people have experimented with flavors by combining different foods together—sometimes in weird, unexpected ways—to create a dish that people would love. Foraging for wild food can have many benefits. Follow me at Time for the food equivalent. You want to know what this tastes like? Butter is bad for you. While many people seem satisfied with the understood vistas of flavor society has unveiled for us, there are those among us who wish to draw back the curtain on the odder flavors in the world.

Why not cut out the middle man, and just combine cheese and PB?


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