There will be more people hitting the gym come January.

I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover… or its ingredients. Veggies can be hard to eat at times, I’ll admit.

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", "I’ve never had any interest in a maple bacon doughnut — or anything with that flavor profile — and I really hope that those who do enjoy it will lose interest.

Leave it alone! The Craziest Food Trends of 2019 From cheese tea to activated charcoal, here are the weirdest food trends we saw this year.

Cannabis-infused foods & beverages and more gut-friendly foods are said to be the next big thing according to Food Drink & Franchise.

Coffee Beer is rising in popularity this year. 200 N LaSalle St Ste 1540 Chicago, IL 60601 Kids love chips, but it takes some convincing for a young child to like coconut chips. And seaweed is probably better off at the bottom of the ocean than on my dinner plate. From there, the liquid is poured on a frozen pan, chopped, spread, and rolled for indulging. Not just for omelets anymore, companies like Four Sigmatic are adding fungi to your morning brew. } Oscar Mayer threatened the internet with a savory hot dog flavored ice cream because it's the one food mashup we haven't done yet. Salt and pepper, olive oil, lime, cilantro, honestly whatever—just give it a try. There are, of course, less strange trends that this year brought. A perfect drink for happy hour. Now we drink “milk” made from nuts (is it just me or did almond milk not exist three years ago?).

Its success spawned other more condiment mashups like Mayomust (mayo and mustard) and Mayocue (mayo and barbecue sauce). They even have soups that come in bottles now, which boasts ready-to-drink vegan broths. Now instead of dehydrated peas and beets, we can enjoy some faux meat (while dreaming of eating a real cut of steak or slab of greasy bacon while we do it)! The phenomenon, called Mukbangs, has taken on a whole new level in 2019. .goog-tooltip, Whether or not cannabidiol, aka CBD, is here to stay, it's certainly become a popular additive among snack and drink companies. But, as they say, don’t knock it till you try it! The problem with this stuff is it tastes rather gross. We’re talking real deal flowers that can be plucked from your garden and are digestible, and are apparently becoming popular. They are so popular that cheese board influencers are now a thing. The year in review: fast food menu item edition. Welcome to 2019, where golden milk lattes, beetroot lattes, and blue algae lattes let you caffeinate in the most colorful way possible. I wouldn’t recommend it as a healthy item – and it can disappear now. Let’s hope this dies in 2018, for obvious health reasons. Sounds similar, tastes different. } How or why this idea came into fruition is beyond me, but let’s pray it stops. If you have a hard time getting your kids to eat Brussel sprouts in their natural form, maybe try having them sample some brussel sprout flavored chips? But did you know you can make Instant Pot yogurt? Roasted garlic, sundried tomato, even lemon hummus all sound pretty tasty. Mintel Global Food and Drink Trends to 2030, Flavour of 2020? Shout out to my fellow seaweed salad eaters. So in a way, it makes sense that some grown-ups are ditching silverware for pouched-based meals.

Whether or not you tried the craziest food trends of 2019, there are sure to be even more in store next year. Goat Dried, spiced, roasted, and flavored seaweed is gluten-free AND vegan, so I guess you could say it’s pretty healthy too. Gone are the days of drinking the spirit from a glass. Medical mushroom has become more present in the coffee industry and a little mushroom in your morning coffee is especially better for those who are caffeine-sensitive. In what can only be described as overindulgent, gold has made its way onto restaurant menus.

", "I hate seeing foods that look like one thing, but are actually something else — like a plate that looks like spaghetti and meatballs but is actually ice cream and cake pops drizzled in a strawberry sauce. border: none !important;

This might be true but then again — it might be all hogwash. Let's cross our fingers that these alcoholic balloons with "alcohol mist" don't find their way into 2020.

Pizza has been around for generations.

And this means any dairy item. In Manchester, Takk and Öl are cash-free, as are Bristol’s The Athenian and Aberfeldy’s Habitat Café. Reporting on what you care about. While it sounds pretty gross, food engineers like Beyond Meat have started growing plant proteins in labs just so that your morning veggie sausage is as life-like as humanly possible. The colors don't contribute at all to the flavor. Now we eat black bean and lentil spaghetti. From “Trash fish” to Mini corn dogs, we definitely saw our fair share of weird-ass food trends in 2018.

Avocados are a healthy fruit and have good fats, though high in calories. Everyone loves avocados so much that now it’s becoming a staple ingredient in meals and desserts… including ice cream.

Avocado lovers, unite! Foods that feature good bacteria – like Kombucha – have already started infiltrating our lives, so you can probably expect to see a lot more mushrooms/prebiotics/fermented things in 2019. The word "diet" will be tossed around like a salad because we all have good intentions for keeping our bodies healthy.

Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. Only Once a Year at 11:11 AM the Sun Aligns Perfectly With This Memorial To Reveal Its Hidden Beauty, Woman Reduces Boyfriend To Tears With Savage PS5 Prank, US Naval Academy Welcomes First Black Female Brigade Commander. And yes, they do cost more than traditional wings, because, duh!

In honor of the super trendy paleo and keto dieters out there, fatty foods are officially IN. News?

With two young girls in my house, I don’t need them to be adding craft glitter to any of their foods because they saw an advertisement on TV. The drink gives you lasting energy without the jitters, and anxiousness that follow regular coffee.

Weird, Whacky, Wonderful Stuff; Food Trends. Sounds even more nasty when I put it that way… but yeah, vegetarian meats like bacon and pork rinds are going to be hitting supermarkets for all of us herbivores to snack on when we get hungry.

Per Google Trends, "Instant Pot" searches spiked at the beginning of the year and with it have come recipes you had no idea you could make in a single pot. Oat milk and plant-based foods proved themselves worthy contenders in the food trend space, showing that human beings, if left to their own devices, will make milk and burgers from just about anything. A full-time, paying thing. I mean, there are other environmental factors to producing lab-based meat, presumably, but still. This was an alarming, disturbing trend that teens started doing. Bagels are good in their natural state — without all that ridiculous food coloring. Now, everyday people are actually going to be buying it from the dairy-alternative ice cream section in your grocery store.

Believe it or not. What a world we live in, huh?

", "Like, wtf is even the flavor of unicorn?". Subscriber only.

", "I’m sure that to someone, this was a good idea in theory: Ice cream, cotton candy, and cereal are any sugar addict's dream. Orange wine is made of mashed up white grapes (not of actual oranges) and stored for four days to a year. It’s just a no-go, people. text-align: left !important; The entire world of food changes from year to year, and it’s getting hard to keep up. The Best 'Bachelorette' Recap You’ll Ever Read: Is Dale… Okay? Consumers have a strong desire to know what’s in their food and where it came from. You get a “crossushi!” That’s right.

Yes, this is a thing, people.

One of the all-time worst trends to come out of food fairs is fried fare that has no business being fried. Bulletproof coffee, coconut and MCT oil, and chocolate treats, oh my.

Its basic components are milk, cream, and sugar, other ingredients can be also be added. January 4, 2019 12:00am. By adding hummus and bananas and some other stuff to make a chilled, frosty mix. If you would have told all the people in the '80s that we'd be eating chia seeds on the regular, they would have covered the ears of their chia pets, protecting their little plant babies. Not to mention that pizza just isn’t pretty. Follow her on Instagram/Twitter @morganmandriota or visit

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Companies like Glenlivet are releasing whiskey pods, which, unlike the Tide Pod Challenge of 2018, are meant to be consumed. Follow the BuzzFeed Community on. Also known as, Sunflower butter, the pasty substance is nut-free, has no added oil, and is full of healthy fats and iron. NOT. Mix it with seafood, or eat it on its own if you’re feeling crazy. This diet reminds me of another diet fad that was popular in the early 2000s, The Atkins Diet. Now, chia smoothies and chia yogurt are so commonplace, it seems strange we ever planted the seeds at all.

Our collective ability to rise above the sushi burritos and rainbow bagels of yesteryear onto weirder and wilder food trends is both horrifying and impressive.


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