Since pregnancy is an assumed must, many traditions revolve around it such as cravings or determining the sex, although, in modernized areas, couples are turning to the medical profession to find out the sex of their child. It's silly to conclude from this that all turkish food tastes like pizza rolls. I don't think so...u just mixed up with the tastes where ever u had it.. Turkish food is nothing close to Pizza flavor. Each meal is a gift from Allah to enjoy, and not waste, so Turkish women often spend hours in the kitchen, with painstaking and intense recipes. My blog entry for the names is coming soon! Hanım Göbeği (Literally: A Lady’s Belly, but a big one hahaha ). 9 Things to Know About Turkish Traditions and Culture. Gavur Dağı (Literally: Mountain of the Foreigner – here “gavur” means foreigner in a discriminating way, but the salad itself still looks delicious! ( Çıkış  Yap /  Enter into a shop and you may hear the saying of “Hos Geldiniz” which means welcome. A common feature in most villages, towns, and cities are the men only teahouses where they gather to drink tea and play games such as OK. In recent years, as décor design has become more modern, some Turks also opt for the factory-made carpets that are often cheaper. Balut, the Philippines 4. Circumcision is still a religious requirement in many parts of the country but thankfully, practises have improved during the last century. Aşağıya bilgilerinizi girin veya oturum açmak için bir simgeye tıklayın: hesabınızı kullanarak yorum yapıyorsunuz. Inappropriate is the correct word. Tuna eyeballs, Japan 3. If your wraps tasted like pizza rolls, then whoever cooked them didn't cook them right. Some Turks even refuse to sit down to a meal without it. 7. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and typically includes eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes, and olives but never forget the bread, at either breakfast or other mealtimes. . ( Çıkış  Yap /  It is a staple part of Turk’s diets and sold in masses across the country. And you will know this when you finish your coffee because these coffee grounds will appear at the bottom of your cup. Turks love to celebrate or empathise and common expressions apply to many daily or special events and occasions. Weird isn't the correct word. Prepared in large glass boxes on wheels that are insulated to retain heat, nohutlu pilav is layers of rice and chickpeas piled high with roasted chicken stacked on top so that their juices saturate through for a delicious seasoning. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. People enter naked or wear a swimming costume, to sit in the sauna while dosing down with cold water. Why is a hamburger called junk food when it is a beef patty sandwich? In direct disbelief of Islamic traditions, the Nazar Boncugu, also known as the evil eye is in offices, homes, in transport and businesses.


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