There are way too many to list, so we settled on 10 fun ones from the early years of Once.

However, what’s the big deal about Emma’s flower tattoo? Zelena, also known as the Wicked Witch of the West, is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Time. However, what makes even less sense – if not being totally impossible – is that the season six finale expects us to believe that Emma’s former apartment in Boston has remained unoccupied for the past six years, and is untouched just as she left it when she needs to return to it to jog her memory all those years later. This also alludes to the original story, where Hook's hand is eaten by a crocodile. Two And A Half Men: 10 Best Season 7 Episodes, According To IMDb, 10 Best Johnny Bravo Episodes, Ranked By IMDb Score, Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Every Season Finale, Ranked By IMDb, The Office: 10 Things About Kelly Kapoor That Make No Sense. O’Donoghue is billed as recurring during the first half of the second season and is billed main in the second half of the season. To prep for this epic event, we thought it would be fun to look back at some of the most magical moments from past seasons. So maybe she just had really fast internet in Boston. Hook, however, acts in totally violent, cruel ways. Speaking of Boston… We know Emma is successful in the pilot because we see her apartment, which is pretty sleek and modern and definitely expensive in the competitive Boston real estate market. ", 7. When Charming realizes the thief is a woman, Snow throws a rock at his face and rides away - the beginning of a beautiful love story. What scenario could be remotely plausible, one that audiences would accept, for a reason as to why Emma would no longer be an active participant in the action even as the show carried on without her? Musical episodes rarely make sense. ", Regina and Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) meet in Storybrooke for what they think is the first time, not aware they have met before. series finale is coming up fast. Sometimes, it feels like Oprah had wandered into the world of Storybrooke, shouting and pointing “You get to have magic! Jennifer Morrison’s decision to depart the series after its sixth season certainly painted the writers into a corner. From Once Upon a Time Season 2 episode 22, "And Straight On 'Til Morning. However, how could it possibly be a True Love’s Kiss when they had only known each other for a few days, and Emma didn’t quite seem to feel anything remotely similar in intensity? It’s not the worst logical leap the series ever asked its fans to believe, but it may be the most real world logical mistake they ever had. Emma has come close to losing Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) on more than one occasion, but this time it's real. He is responsible for Merlin’s sudden end and very nearly allows the Dark Ones of the past to bring an end to Emma and her entire family, which even takes place after he verbally humiliated Emma for ever thinking she could change him. She seems smart, sharp, and totally qualified for the job.

Their scenes are openly coded with signs of predation and manipulation in nature, and would have been interpreted as such had the series cast an actual young actress to play the young Emma. Sure, part of that likely has to do with the fact that the town was cursed and “safer” before her arrival, but the point still stands. In fact, after that point, it’s never so much as referenced again, with Regina even being given the undeserved luxury of having a True Love’s Kiss with Henry at the end of the third season. Early in the series’ first season, Emma becomes Sheriff of Storybrooke – because of course she does. And you get to have magic!” whenever she felt like it. As we’ve mentioned previously, for the first two seasons of the series, Regina’s ill treatment and abuse of Henry was a main plot point. Dornan is billed as main during the first seven episodes of the first season only. Had Ross been cast earlier, it would have been all the more clear that Emma’s relationship with Neal was toxic from the start. When she gets to Storybrooke, however, something clearly gets lost in translation, because one of the things Emma is best known for, among fans and critics alike, is her signature look of total confusion and inability to comprehend the most basic of facts. Bonnie Sheila Bennett is a very powerful witch and one of the main female characters of The Vampire Diaries. It takes her the entire first season to believe in the possibility of fairytales being real. Cox is billed as recurring during the first four episodes of the seventh season and is billed main from the fifth episode of the season. ", After searching high and low and nearly drowning with Kristoff, Anna is reunited with her sister Elsa. - Today's News: Our Take", "ALMA Awards 2012: Winners And Show Highlights (VIDEO, PHOTOS)", "Saturn Award Nominations 2012 | Collider | Page 148931", Nominees for the 28th Annual Imagen Awards Announced, "Once Upon a Time: "The Shepherd" Review", "Once Upon a Time: "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" Review", "'Once Upon a Time' season finale recap: Now I'm a Believer",, Lists of American drama television series characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from May 2018, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 November 2020, at 22:30. If she's not ranting about characters who deserved better or typing away at one of her many fan fiction epics, she's probably asleep. When she wears dresses, they’re sleek, form-fitted, and short.

In the first two seasons, viewers witness that Regina’s evil ways lead to Henry’s sudden passing, Regina lashing Henry to a tree and preventing him from escaping her, Regina wiping his memories and forcing him to love her, Regina manipulating him so that he thinks he’s crazy, and so very many more cruel deeds. This, therefore, would imply that it was a True Love’s Kiss.

So they clung to theories and possible plot threads that could tie everything together, eventually wondering if maybe her past friendship with a runaway named Lily could be involved. Speaking of all of Emma’s unhealthy romantic relationships, we really need to talk about one of the show’s most uncomfortable decisions. So we have to take for granted her level of success in her field, even if her qualifications don’t stack up. How convenient to reveal this so late in the game, only to have her use that song to temporarily stun the cliched villain of the moment and… well, do almost absolutely nothing long-lasting in terms of protecting herself or her loved ones, seeing as the villain returned and got her way by the episode’s end. It’s not the greatest trait to have, for sure, but at least it psychologically makes sense for her character and for where she has been in her life. However, it didn’t help that they went about it in the absolute worst possible way. In their first date episode, Emma dresses like she may as well be going to a sock hop with her bubblegum pink dress and hair in a ridiculous high ponytail. Emma is Forced to Kill Hook .

We get it. Yet somehow, even while struggling with her own acts as a Dark One, and never trusting the true Dark One, Rumpelstiltskin, Hook’s cruelty is all but immediately forgiven and forgotten. After Neal came her alternate timeline relationship with Walsh, who – as it turns out – was somehow the human form of one of the Wicked Witch’s evil flying monkeys. For a Savior, she’s pretty bad at saving people. From Once Upon a Time's Season 3 episode, "Quiet Minds. However, what makes no sense at all, and only makes her character all the more infuriating, is her total hypocrisy when it comes to lying.


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