This can be done by regulating where ballast water is dumped or by killing everything alive in ballast water while it is in the tanks. Prior to colonization, prevention measures can be used to reduce the probability of transfer from any one of multiple transport vectors. By the 1980s, the crab had reached San Francisco Bay and started to spread along the west coast, and in 1996, the crab inhabited over 500 km in California. Since 2009, GFA and researchers from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, UC Davis, and Portland State University have been working with volunteers to remove these crabs. However, it is these same smaller-sized clams that are most at risk of being preyed upon by the European green crab. However, i… Although the European green crab has successfully spread to various locatio… Taking preventive measures against the invasion of the European green crab in Kachemak Bay has become very important since the organism was discovered in Washington and British Columbia. Regulations are in place to keep smaller clams from being taken; this allows the populations to sustain themselves (Sheldon 1998). Ballast water exchange, which is exchanging ballast water in the open ocean where the aquatic species are not as likely to be able to survive in coastal environments, is a good idea. This marine predator was thought to have been introduced to the U.S. Atlantic coast in 1817. By removing green crabs at Seadrift Lagoon we improve native species diversity and reduce the threat of dispersal to Bolinas Lagoon. The management strategies available to limit the impact of the European green crab, as well as other invaders, include a combination of prevention, eradication, and control measures. The crab had spread to the north all the way along the coast of Maine and up into Nova Scotia by the mid-1900s.


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