What is the main ingredient of the Indian dish dahl. "They have so much money invested in their brand and they don't want to see their brand hurt. Imports from China have drawn the most criticism. The specter of intentionally adulterated ingredients from abroad worries the food industry, too. - lethic, "I like chicken and waffles, but I wouldn't put them together! As user agate_ explains: “American food is at it’s best when it’s borrowing other cuisines and doing its own crazy mashups with them. But, despite their new trendiness their origins were already here!”. 'I had grits for breakfast' — WHY ARE YOU EATING TINY ROCKS? It sounds like the most unappetising thing ever. Pub food, Italian and Chinese are most popular options, with Caribbean voted top food people would like to try Their special was meatloaf wrapped in bacon, so that, I guess.” User Fluffatron_UK added, “Meatloaf is incredibly American. Even those proudest to be an American can probably agree on this: Our country has produced some truly vile foods.

Craig Henry, PhD, chief Why would you take something already sweet, put sugar on top, and cover it with sweet marshmallows?"

", "The FDA program is anything but comprehensive," Center for Science in the Public Interest Food Safety Director Caroline Smith DeWaal stated in written testimony to the House Agriculture Committee. Cocktails are actually an American invention, or at least have their roots deep in American history. - Brenda Mathovani, "I'm yet to find any food in any local cuisine which would be more disgusting than that." They've got strong opinions on our eating habits, and the good ol' internet gives them the perfect platform to air their grievances.

Also brownies. As user PM_ME_BALLOON_KNOTZ says, “Clam chowdah & lobstah rolls” are really American. - deleted, "Corn dogs, because, seriously, why would you eat that?" But governments face big challenges in making improvements when food industries are so fragmented, he says.

To address growing public concern over imports, in mid-July, President Bush created a high-level government panel to deliver in 60 days some recommendations to ensure the safety of imported foods and other products shipped here.

User TheLadyEve said, “One of the few fruits native to North America. FDA web site. "It's a challenge to identify these products," says Craig Henry, PhD, chief operating officer for scientific and regulatory affairs for the 400-member Grocery Manufacturers Association and Food Products Association (GMA/FPA). But what does American food mean to you, and is it actually American, or was it just adopted from another country? My million dollar idea is opening a chain of real barbecue joints in Europe.”. We may earn commission from the links on this page. U.S. Department of Agriculture. You guys are weird.” Maybe, but it’s still delicious! Sarah Weinberg is the deputy editor at Delish and has covered food, travel, home, and lifestyle for a number of publications, including Food Network Magazine and Country Living. Medical News: "Congress Reviews Food Safety Checks.". If you really want to find real American food, look no further than Cajun cuisine. User JellyKaques says, “Cajun.

It's not going to solve our food system problems," Lovera says of labeling.


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