It's a good thing you don't give a shit. He likely just thinks you are a woman with a great sense of humor and fun to be around.

If over time we got to know each other and we both wanted something more then maybe but even then its out of respect for each other. Doesn’t realize that most of the men who masterbated to her also masterbate to every other girl who shows them their tits on here. I already made a move, and I want to know how to get him to make a move now. I guess ask him he would have the answer for you. I was really invested in this just to find out it was a cruel joke, Don't ask joke questionsThat's why people dont' take you seriously on here, Why the fuck would I need to be taken seriously on here? If you can't take someone literally, look for new friends. he might find you attractive and like your personality but if you are thinking like as in love, depends how long youve known him for and how fast it takes for him to catch feelings. I asked him what he thinks/feels about me. Either he's letting you down easy or he's playing coy.

This looks weird is this how it went . But she wouldn’t entertain these guys or be worried about if one guy who rejects her likes her. Nah i dont get atrached i also dont like girls if i call them cool i just mean they're cool if he did jack off to you then im assuming he wants to fuck you. Like a kid saying that to their mom but the adult version if that makes sense. What question do you think I should ask him then? I don't think that shows any real feelings, more like you're a friend. I like chatting with you. 97% if you whisper in his ear.Also, nearly every man will tell you they love you if you say it first, so really all you have to do is get him in bed.Penis + Vagina = Love, it's just math, Okay good to know I'll ask him this question and see what happens, aww man!!! Even if he jerked off to you just means he think you're hot.

@Apple1996 u did say he jerked off to u.. so u must have provided him with some material that he did that to, The only person I've ever caught feelings for is my husband. im surprised you found it hard at all HA but in all seriousness the guy could like you but the whole thing about guys jerking it to get closer is just a lie. If I said that to you, it would mean that I thought that you were trustworthy and a good friend. I'm allowed to be with others as long as I dont catch feelings. Okay I saw your update. Wow. If you're not going to take it seriously, BRO. I litterally had a question about it .

It depends on that guy , we didn't meet him to we can't guess his thinking , but if he is a straight guy it maybe he love you . there's no way you're in his friendzone if he jerked off to you. If a girl asks a guy what he is thinking about and he says nothing, chances are, he was literally thinking about nothing. Men Don't Always Love To Show Vulnerability, So If You're Wondering If A Guy Likes You, Check Out This List Of 11 Things Guys Say Or Text To A Girl That Are Major Signs He's Into You. You just like to argue I guess.So, now that you're SO goddam mature, what exactly DOES it mean if a guy says a girl is 'cool'? Yeah she probably sent this guy nudes LOL.. Well now u r implying... i am a person who always likes to give the benefit of the doubt.. we dunno if she sent nudes, @Suhailadil89 the attention comes to her without her trying but she said she likes fucking other men while married so it’s not like they come to her for her personality.

Ask your husband lol. I’m not trying to read into what he’s saying... this post is several years old from when I was a teenager lol. Someone in the comments said guys get attached to girls they jerk it to but I find that hard to believe, Just letting everyone know this question was a joke. He doesn't find you attractive. Never miss a thing with GirlsAskGuys notifications on your browser. And that's what he said. How are you managing under the ammo shortage? Ok i dont wana offend u... but why are u bring anonymous... you haven't said any thing that u would wana hidenur identity. I could be wrong though but I wonder if guys realize that's what we think when they say that! @Kimmi73 - Awww... and you think I give a shit. Just probably means he thinks you are good to be around. What does it mean when a guy says "you're cool to hang out with"?

And this is the same guy who sent her nudes. Perhaps you are using that term to suggest there is a sexual element though you are not in an exclusive relationship?

I think he should make one now. A woman who doesn’t catch feelings LOL... give me a break. he wants your pussy but doesn't like you. What does it mean to you? I like him, but I don't know what to do. Probably not. There are exceptions and you know who you are! Some guys have said that they give up and stop chasing girls after awhile. And how would you like to be called by a guy, this is whats more important, Whenever I was called cool it was because in a friendzone way. Like give me a more direct answer then just you're cool, If you want a direct answer you have to ask a direct question. Pizza & beer at a friend of a friend*s house. When a guy says that to you he’s not attracted to you. Thanks for answering, though! Nothing more really. I do have to say... not all women who fuck around catch feelings.. if thAt were the case wouldn't all pornstars and prostitutes be catching feelings all the time? A friend of mine posted this (who gets cheated on by her boyfriend all the time). I'm just guessing at that one LOL if I like the girl I would just tell her that I like her. LOL. Depends. Lol. Lol this is a site for teens that adults basically took over, ain't no one here for serious reasons, Then don't be on here. He just thinks you're cool, like I do. That's how I answer every Q.And GAG hasn't been around since you were a teenager. Any help would be appreciated. What does it mean when a guy friend says you could pull off a Jessica rabbit look? Grow up. I am so curious how you look now. I would never engage anything sexual with a friend no matter how attractive they are to me. I try to be respectful. He might be intimidated by you. “I’m fine.” This is exactly the same as a woman saying it. He and I are unofficially together. I have permission from my husband to fuck other guys so its not like I'm going against him lol, @Suhailadil89 and yess I'm very happily married . Well i think you are cool.

he could’ve said it in response to that question because either, he doesn’t & doesn’t wanna hurt you, or he does and is playing it cool. I’ve only referred to chicks as being *cool chicks* when they seem down to earth, not princessy or a drama queen, and can hang around the boys without being offended by typical man talk. Trust your common sense. Spend time with him ask him if he wants to hangout.. hug him, play it cool. Omg I know ‍♀️ what's wrong with all these fuckboys? What is wrong with our society and this election, Which NFL Teams Have Fewer Fans Than Their Namesake? I get told “you’re cool” by guys I work with or went to college with randomly and even by my brother I’m sure it’s just a thing guys say I don’t know if it means he likes you.

That's very passive and seems general uninteresting. 3 mo. Sounds like a keep her on the back burner type of thing. It’s not that he wouldn’t date you if the opportunity came about. I would not admit that but it is a positive raw feeling. Then play hard to get that sh*t drives us insane. Yeah that's a good question if you're getting to know a guy. Never miss a thing with GirlsAskGuys notifications on your browser. She's cool.". If he told my friend that he thinks of me this way, but never says stuff like that to me, and is always picking on me, what does that mean? Oh isn’t that cute. I think your over thinking it, it's probably just the normal cool. When do guys know they want a relationship? But he might be one of those who just wanna smash without getting attached. He … Hmmm... you're 26yo and trying to read something into a guy that says you're 'cool'?

Often times it's used by men who don't know how to properly compliment someone or express that they like someone so they try and play it really laid back and downplay their feelings. All the past ones I didn't even have realtionships with cuz I dont catch feelings easily. If a guy says this, he might actually mean it… as in it’s not you, it’s him because he’s a huge douche who’s too chicken to actually tell you what he’s feeling. Voted for B. I asked him to a dance, but he already had a date. Yeah okay buddy... and you know she cares otherwise she wouldn’t be asking in the first place. Best Sex Positions to Improve Your Sex Life. Only they would get sexual but stay platonic with their wording, Yeah we are only friends that like to flirt so I'm not acutally to worried about if he likes me or not, Oh no I was just enacting the scenario lol. But it seems like the bare minimum anyone would require of someone they might spend time with. What kind of guy posts pics with his expensive car on a dating app?? LOL. And that's what he said. Oh yeah you’re a thot.


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