The switch to the new system was a failure for the clothing retail industry, with most retailers and customers still using inches for measurements. Other countries have also made efforts to develop sizing standards. It was the start of a food truck movement and a really creative time. Its letter coding simplifies the production process, with fewer different-sized items to manufacture.
And when, in the early 19th century, tailors finally started sharing their methods by publishing them, it was only to discover the disarray of metric systems and a total lack of sizing standards. When we started Señor Sisig we had the flexibility to be in all neighborhoods, but when we found this space, something felt very full circle. We spoke to Evan about Señor Sisig and the road that led to 990 Valencia Street.

We’ve always worked with local artists and artists who really capture our brand. Just as sisig was created by making the most of cheap throw-away cuts of pigs from the US Air Base in Pampanga, the jeepney was up-cycled from leftover U.S. Willy Jeeps used during World War II.
It was a really cool time and we were the first Filipino-Mexican truck in the city — and maybe the world. Sets of codes, such as SW, W, OS, XOS, EOS, XXOS and SOS were used by the wholesale trade in mantles (a type of loose-fitting outer garment).

In 1822, E. A. Bardé described two scale methods for grading. Where did Sisig come from? Gradually, the mass production of uniforms transformed into the production of ready-made clothing for everyone and, by the end of the 19th century, the vast majority of urban male populations in Europe and North America were wearing mass-produced, standardised clothing. With designated routes, which are usually painted on their sides or displayed on their windshields, jeepneys stop anywhere along the way to pick up or let off passengers. Evan: Señor Sisig started in 2010 with one food truck. The system was later used in centimetres and inches by tailors across Europe and America.

Señor Sisig gained popularity for its unique approach to Filipino and Mexican food, and the experience that customers get when they visit one of its trucks. Where did Nasranis come from? The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), established in 1946, was a response to the desire among many countries for international harmonisation of standards. Jeepneys are stretched long enough to accommodate around 15 to 25 passengers, have open ventilation through windows all along their side and an open backdoor for easy passenger embarkation and disembarkation. The fashion and retail industry has come a long way to make the shopping experience as convenient as it is today, but there’s one area where things seem to only get more confusing as time goes on — sizing.

Stay tuned.

We were just coming out of the recession and a lot of really cool things were starting to pop up at affordable prices.

The word can be traced to as early as 1732, in a Kapampangan dictionary compiled by Augustinian Fray Diego Bergaño. When we came into the SF food truck scene, you didn’t see food trucks everywhere like you do now.

In 1885 W.B.


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