They also believe that they fight on the behalf of those who do not possess the abilities, resources, or knowledge to speak out against those who abuse their power. [24], While the Seljuks and Crusaders both employed murder as a military means of disposing of factional enemies, during the Alamut period almost any murder of political significance in the Islamic lands was attributed to the Isma'ilis. [7] Such tactics were not unprecedented and were akin to the way mercenaries were hired and employed by the Italian Brotherhood. He then confronted Chapman, bargaining for his and Elisa's release in exchange for the virus encryption key. Over time, Clay became aware that the Templars intended to find an Apple of Eden through the exploring of the memories of his ancestors, and aimed to use the artifact for their Eye-Abstergo project. In 1190, Isabella I was Queen of Jerusalem and the Third Crusade had just begun. After her jewelry got stolen and she chased the thief, Khaled discovered she also possessed Eagle Vision, leading him to recruit her for the Brotherhood. Then there’s the open world, which benefits not only from a shift to the radically different setting of dynastic Egypt, but also from the introduction of a full day-night cycle. After discovering what happened to Desmond's body, William Miles came out of hiding. Stealth was the greatest weapon of the Assassins, and everything about their lives emphasized a devotion to it. At al-Kahf, he worked with chief da'i Abu-Muhammad who was succeeded at his death by Khwaja Ali ibn Mas'ud without authority from Alamut. [2], The Assassins and Leonardo da Vinci with the Apple of Eden, All the while, Altaïr collected the scattered pages of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's Codex, discovering a prophecy that foretold of a Prophet who would appear when a Piece of Eden was brought to Venice. The Assassins, fearing an attack by the Templars, were sent into a temporary state of chaos. He and his crew were pardoned by Robert Walpole, acting as a neutral party between the Assassins and Templars, and Edward was offered a home at Queen Anne's Square. While Jacob took over the local Clinkers gang and renamed them the Rooks to aid them in their battle against the Templars and their Blighters gang, Evie instead opted to focus her efforts on finding the Piece of Eden the Templars were seeking. This resulted in the ascension of his son, Alexander III, who became a willing ally of the Templars and was gifted a Staff of Eden. Gorm and Dusk turned against Pash, with Dusk blowing herself up to destroy the Apple, to no effect. The Assassins were finally linked by the 19th-century orientalist Silvestre de Sacy to the Arabic word hashish using their variant names assassin and assissini in the 19th century. He had committed to prosecuting the Sixth Crusade and married the heiress to the Kingdom of Jerusalem, Isabella II. Most were dismantled afterwards, while those at Masyaf and Ulayqa were later rebuilt. By clicking 'enter', you agree to GameSpot's Gavin invited her to the Brotherhood, though she initially refused. [9] Prominent Assassin leaders operating in Syria included al-Hakim al-Munajjim, the physician-astrologer (d. 1103), Abu Tahir al-Sa’igh, the goldsmith (d. 1113), Bahram al-Da'i (d. 1127), and Rashid ad-Din Sinan, renown as the greatest Assassin chief (d. 1193).


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