She turned questioning eyes on Connie, who shook her head in disbelief. I've got the name of a sex offender who bought a Volt Wheel electric bike in Oxnard, California. She rolled over and glanced at Bordeaux, who seemed to be resting comfortably. Carmen glanced at Señor Medena, who was beaming as if they were his children... or as if they were his biological grandchildren. If he was, that made twice she had been attracted by a man who was doing something illegal. The two young women chatted endlessly about the latest fashion in Paris and the boys who were attracted to them. No one will see me and tip those who vow to stop my kind. A curse on you who disrupt the master's plans; you will pay dearly when the time of reckoning finally arrives! After telling me the contest was over, something I'd just told her, she reluctantly transferred me to Irv Goldman who was in charge of the contest while it was running. In the background she heard Alex ask him who he was talking to. Then there are the people who reason the future will be better. Sentences. The Regular Worker who Risks it All and Strikes it Rich.

The Garage Tinkerer who Invents The Next Big Thing. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Carmen turned and tipped her head back to look at the face of the man who towered over her. So it's not just you who can do this thing? She glanced at her father and the twins, who were watching intently. As proud as she was of Jonathan, it was Alex who stayed on her mind for a long time after the phone call. Example; I, he, she, we and etc… We use WHO to ask which person does an action or which person is a certain way. Luck comes to those who look for it.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); screamed a thin, pale woman who, with a baby in her arms and her kerchief torn from her head, burst through the door at that moment and down the steps into the yard. My, aren't you the night owl tonight - the boy who has been dancing with me half the night. She'll give up her husband who she practically calls stupid and this other Abbott person just so she can live.

English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "who" Use who in a sentence.

I keep asking him to get the plane tickets so we could leave but he wants to talk to some distant relatives who don't want to talk to him.
It frustrated to Betsy who spent hours on the Internet seeking the most effective uses of Howie's talent. She glanced at Yancey, who was watching her with a confused expression. She has begun seeing someone; a young man who does grounds keeping work at the Country Club and is a half dozen years her junior. USING WHERE. She didn't know who I was when I visited her at the hospital. Dessalles looked in amazement at the prince, who was talking of the Niemen when the enemy was already at the Dnieper, but Princess Mary, forgetting the geographical position of the Niemen, thought that what her father was saying was correct. Surely they had other people who spoke Spanish - people familiar with the customer. Then he turned back to his father, who was watching him with interest. Who is asking, Andy Gordon or Yancey Giddon? Who cares what happens afterward? I feel terrible about the woman who was murdered. "It's good to be home," he whispered, "with the people who mean the most to me.". I want what you have - a husband who loves me - and children. Who in the world is the fellow over there? "Who did you say it was?" "Betsy is babysitting Molly who's registered at school here in Keene," I said; conveying more information I'd neglected to relate. Darian, who had willingly hired a sailboat and sailed straight into a tropical storm. He became famous as one of the bravest and best of the generals who fought to make our country free. Then, on Friday those who have done the best may stand up and read their compositions to the school. I'm just tired of the labels we slap on people who think independent of the 'in' crowd. Four dissimilar individuals, tied to a damaged being known only to one of us who at one time hated him for the loss of her friend. But Bryce wasn't the one who killed Brenda Washington! My parents, now residing in Florida, would attend the ceremony along with my older brother and his family who would fly in from Seattle, Oregon. She was the one who had become serious - and with little encouragement on his part. What vocational opportunities are available for an almost-priest who's been out of this world for a few years? "How do you know it was the same person who killed the others who killed that poor woman in Omaha?" Beside the nurse who was busy collecting equipment, there was a man in a suit standing by the door. sentence? And how fortunate he was to have people who cared for him. Did you know some of them; the men who did what you did? If I am unsuccessful there are others who may hold the answers I demand and I now have plans to get them as well. Finally they descended into a low place in the ravine, momentarily putting an outcropping between them and the Indians who waited. He held out his hand to Talon, who plunked a gun into it. Who is your favorite singer? He so busied himself with his silly telephone trick to call away the mother he didn't notice someone who must have been watching. Who hasn't sat at a stop light and been so distracted by something else that they didn't notice the light was green? You're the only one of us who is his longtime friend. Cooms doted on the boy who seemed to return his affection. She hires a contract programmer in Russia for $3000 to code it and advertises on Craig's List for a designer who will work for some stock. "You're the only one who can hear the buzz," Quinn answered defensively. Example sentences with the who, a sentence example for who, and It was Alex who talked her into the IVF, but what did it matter? I was buttonholed by two middle-aged men who alternated telling me their life story. spelling of who. She dropped to her pillow, wondering if she was the only one who thought their exchange across the living room ended the quarrel. Annie was a beautiful young girl who lived in our Santa Barbara neighborhood. Are you saying it's only you who are able to. But first you have to earn it by helping this tourist who just arrived in town. author!" Using WHO in English. At the expense of sounding immodest, I must say I am one of those who can attain this state. he asked, thereby identifying his mystery amour. If he knew who Alex really was, he probably knew more than Alex did. One day a friend of his who lived in Boston came to see him. Elihu Burritt was a poor boy who was determined to learn. Their plots were failing because of some trusted friends of the … I caught a glance at Quinn who looked like his dog died. You're the one who told me I shouldn't come out here in the first place. You're the kind of woman he needs - someone who will stand up to him and yet understand his moods. God knows who else will hound you if they have any idea of your capabilities. Brandon was fortunate to have been raised by two people who cared as much about each other as they cared for him. It was a different Howie Abbot who took the news.

The man who spoke snatched her arms from behind and shoved her into the kitchen. CK 1 2203607 Who came? A state is made up of individuals who compose it. Do not clean the room. Only when he heard the soft, female wow did he realize who it was. 4.Cats hate water. Bianca jogged after the two, who raced towards a small crowd at the opened gate of the compound. Who prepares the texts in the President’s speech? I didn't know why he was calling or who he was. She stared at her brother, who seemed unaware of where he was or what he did. Pierre was among those who saw him come out from the merchants' hall with tears of emotion in his eyes. She glanced at Yancey, who was giving the forward in the magazine on his lap undue attention. There are lots of folks who would use their genie-wish to do just that. Now that it's light, the federal boys who are running this show are back to the drawing board. she asked. 7.The course starts next Sunday. Carmen shifted her attention to Señor Medena, who was focused on Alex at the moment. He was one of the only people who didn't shy away from her or treat her like she was a leper.
Lisa dropped her pad and pencil on the couch and crossed the room, wondering who might be calling her on his telephone and why Yancey was screening her calls. ), ‘when’ can be used. Happy is the man who knows his limits. What about that intern who's been calling you so much lately? My dear, do I have the honor of finally meeting the famous psychic tipster or were you but the helper of the young mother who died so suddenly in that delightful New Hampshire town? In the weeks of natural stimulation, she had been the one who was embarrassed.

Darian, who he'd just pulled off the bottom of the ocean instead of attending his planning session to deal with the Talon issue.

Who is a subject pronoun. Howie simply wanted to see who was in the assigned hotel room sometime during the weekend. One who is entirely dependent upon the manual alphabet has always a sense of restraint, of narrowness. A tall, toned woman who looked like she did Pilates for a living stood in the hall in tight black leather pants and a tight pink T-shirt that drew attention to her large breasts. Have you talked to the guy who my cousin Sonia said did it? It had something to do with the beautiful woman before him who made him feel for the first time in years. There's no sense thinking too much about that.

Who in the world is the fellow over there? She was the one who told me that he was a child prodigy. She smiled at Molly who had just finished relating the highlights of her first day at her new school. The one who had been shooting the others was as large as Talon and plainly Hispanic.

That ridge was the only thing that had kept her from plunging over the edge... that and the man who was now glaring at her. We all make errors sometimes but those who care keep right on loving us. He sent out among the poor people of the city and found two little babies who had never heard a word spoken. "We owe a great deal to the Wonderful Wizard," continued the Princess, "for it was you who built this splendid Emerald City.". You can find answers to your questions related to afterlife issues. We lived a long way from any school for the blind or the deaf, and it seemed unlikely that any one would come to such an out-of-the-way place as Tuscumbia to teach a child who was both deaf and blind. Examples. Quinn, who was our resident computer and electronic guru, was given information about protecting our security.

Just like this place, filled with people who hurt her. When I was discovered, I told the young fool who found me I'd been shot and mugged, my money clip stolen! We can use which and that when defining a noun that states a place but we have to use the preposition of that name. I thought I was marrying a man who had chosen a lifestyle compatible with mine.


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