These types of topics are never or hardly ever talked about because people feel like they’ll be or get offended. Politics should definitely not be taught in schools It is stupid to think that students will entirely look up to their teachers, It should not be taught at schools, Students' parents should tech them, Not someone paid to teach students a specific thing, That in itself could bring up … In “‘Centrism Is Canceled’: High Schoolers Debate the Impeachment Inquiry,” Audra D.S. She is insightful and well articulated when it comes to discussing life. You may have even heard about the California teacher who was suspended for teaching a lesson in which he compared the rise of Trump to the rise of a certain fascist in the 1930s who set the whole world on fire and helped it descend into chaos. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. But I digress. A substantial percentage of Americans do not take politics very seriously, and many who are active on one side or the other only have very superficial knowledge on policy. We loved the creative liberties they took with the different forms. I ended my last (rather lengthy) post with a gentle call to action: if you are a person with political views that lie in opposition to those expressed by Donald Trump in the just-completed presidential election, you have received your wake-up call. No one wants to have to live knowing that they couldn’t save someone. I myself do not find a problem in a teacher informing the class about what our government is doing to our society and how it affects us, however I do find a problem in asking the student for their opinion on the government’s actions. When I find myself struggling with my mental health, anxiety about school, friends, and even family, I always turn to my mom. All told, barely 1 in 5 parents hold teachers, schools, districts or states “most responsible” for a child’s learning. Of course, teachers who teach political topics need to try to remain as neutral as possible, and school system should choose books that are, as well. In this day and age, I think it’s extremely important for young people, like myself, to be civically engaged and politically motivated. Your open to your own opinion about the debate,and who you wan to win.Yes Politics Should Be Discussed in the Classroom The classroom is an environment for learning, so of course politics should be discussed. An introduction to political ideology, how our state was formed, and the Westminster model, could surely help with this. People care passionately about Common Core and opting out and having school choice and the cost of college because they fear that social and economic advantages will be taken away from their children if they don't get their way on these issues. Think about the last election; if the school said that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton were going to ruin this country, students would most likely believe it because it came from an adult. Adults don’t know everything, but they know a lot more than a teen. Education has become so politically inclined to the left by those who have guaranteed jobs and salaries at the expense of those who do not. Politics doesn’t have to be Donald Trump, Brexit or immigration policy. then we will repeat the same patterns again and again …, I think the topic of Trump being impeached should be discussed in class. This is a democracy, after all. — Delaney Daughtridge, Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC. It's no wonder we're so dissatisfied with them: job preparation is boring, and we see the consequences of insufficient citizenship education all around us. They happen everyday, whether it is about politics or not. Sure majority of highschool students are uneducated about current political affairs, but exposing them to the biased positions of their teachers is more manipulative than educational Teacher - Middle School Students can learn about the steps in the impeachment process, and about the government. Blinded by the worries Blinded by the doubt Blinded by the chance That tomorrow won’t work out. Pushing partisan politics is a huge overstretch of power and, quite legitimately, does not belong in classrooms. And, not for nothing, but it's not exactly like he was espousing the most controversial position for a person to have right now. During a history lesson at Chalmette High School near New Orleans, Grace Bartholomae, right, a student, discussed why President Trump should be impeached. Tuesday night; a cool 61 degrees; the West Texas sunset making me feel at home only, I didn’t want to go home yet. Even though me and my peers have empty looks on our faces, as the picture seems to, our minds are running with a thousand thoughts. We have to talk about them. If call centers allowed for emotionally prepared teens who were trained to do this job to help others, countless lives would be saved. The fear of losing the people I love grasp me and my breathing becomes ragged and the grip doesn’t ease up. I feel no safer or more myself when I have a ball at my feet- cliche, I know. I know many of my peers do not care for or understand much about politics. Personally, I'm used to it. It’s happening. In an education complete with dance, drama, and geography, it seems a glaring oversight not to include politics. I also know that personally, I have felt awkward or unqualified to give advice to friends who struggle with mental health. They would be equipped with the skills to catch the warning signs before it’s too late. It is political. Now that I see how these teens are adequately prepared to help in a crisis, I think that they will be a great source of advice for other teenagers. 1 am. My reasoning for this is not only does this go against the US law but this also doesn't allow students to have their own opinions. School-based Personnel - Other (Admin., Specialist, etc.) But I'm not that kind of expert. Whereas with most of my friends, I would tell them because not only are they possible going through something similar, I know that what they say and do, is them trying their best, while in return I can also help them down later down the road. This is an historical time in our nation. For our Picture Prompt, “Scramble,” we invited students to write memoirs, stories and poems inspired by this illustration. Where is that music coming from? Here’s what they had to say: I believe that adults have the most advice to give, but teenagers are so afraid that they might get lectured or punished by adults, instead of getting the advice they need. There's no formula for dealing with it. — Jack Zhou, J.R. Masterman, Philadelphia, PA. As a student who has to take history and government classes as do many others, I feel like being informed on the state of our country is important.


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