You're like comin' home, you're like comin' home, alright, Go head an' let your hair fall down Oh, you're like coming home (Chorus:) You're like a Sunday morning, pleasin' my eyes You're a mid-summer's dream under a star-soaked sky That peaceful, easy feelin' at the end of a long, long road You're like comin' home You're like comin' home You're like comin' home Go ahead let your hair fall down The wanderlust is gone now Here in your arms It is an okay album there are a lot worse than this one that's for sure. Lonestar You're Like Comin' Home Lyrics Coming Home Track List. “Just hold still and breath,” the heel of your wrist brushes against my cheek and the feel of silky fabric presses to my nose and mouth, I take a deep breath and catch the scent, letting out a little moan. As always this is a class C.D. For some reason just that feeling, the ability to look at you and just breath in the moment feels unequivocally good. You want to see them move, for me to put them there for you to see. These are the days that can't be erased “But…” you take a step forward, “it isn’t really necessary is it?” I bite my lower lip, a slight hesitation at what you are doing, the energy it causes in the room. You are already there. I assume it causes a bit of a smile in you, but can’t tell as I’m left in the dark, “no tasting” you whisper. It sounds silly, but in this moment that is what is feeding this, feeding my submission, my adoration of you, this desire for you to know exactly what this is for me and to really feel that. I’m lost, a complete mess, and in this moment, I’m completely yours, you can see all of it, all of me, and from the feel of your touch, it feels like you don’t mind, that you can take it, and hold me anyway. I've never missed a concert whenever they are within driving distance. You know, the last step you take at the top or bottom of a stairwell. Pushing the guitar and drums for muscle and drive, and seasoning with countrified touches of Dobro and fiddle, the arrangements cast more of a spotlight onto the group's distinctive vocal harmonies. ( Log Out /  You pull it away “go on, deep breath, you need to slow down, we’ve got so much further to go.”. Your hands against mine again, pressing me them to the wall again, “You have to stay.” It’s a soft whisper, not firm, filled with care. You always seem to know me, to be one step ahead in knowing me. “Yes, please.” My words come out, and I’m thankful that my voice almost sounded steady as I said it. And "When I Go Home Again" gets down with the hoedown sound, just to remind you that this is supposed to be country music. You lightly move it, letting me feel it. With their new album Coming Home, Lonestar find themselves digging deep for new dimensions in their music, cutting loose with a new attitude of fun and pushing their performances into fresh new country-rockin' territory. Though Coming Home, the group's eighth album, features a new producer (Justin Niebank), the formula hasn't really changed. Copyright: Writer(s): Jeremy Stover, Brian Maher, Brandon Lynn Kinney Lyrics Terms of Use, Ridin' restless under broken sky That peaceful easy feelin' at the end of a long, long road, You're like a Sunday mornin', pleasin' my eyes Oh, you're like coming home [Chorus] You're like a Sunday morning, pleasin' my eyes You're a mid-summer's dream under a star-soaked sky That peaceful, easy feelin' at the end of a long, long road You're like comin' home You're like comin' home You're like comin' home Go ahead let your hair fall down The wanderlust is gone now Here in your arms “The buttons will be worth it,” a delicate whisper in the moment and I try to let it go, and do as I feel you continuing to strip the fabric from me. “No, not necessary, but I enjoy it anyway.” A hesitant reply. Your fingers slip along my back and I inhale, catching my breath, taking in the scent of you. I feel my hands in yours, and the coolness of the wall as you guide them up and against it, “Hold them there.” Your hands move down my arms, your kisses fast and aggressive, I can’t think for a moment. That I’m still yours and it will be okay. “Every inch” My lips press to the soft tops of your feet, soft and slow, delicate kisses scatter on the skin. You're a midsummer's dream under a star-soaked sky I know some time passes, but I’m unaware of just how much. Expecting another plank, you tumble forward when your foot doesn’t find the step you expected. Your hands on my chest, grasping my shirt and then tugging, I hear the buttons pup from it and flinch at the feel. The title track is the best one but the more I listen to the CD the more I like it. Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2020. Click on a song to view its lyrics 1 You're Like Comin' Home 2 Doghouse Lyrics 3 I Am A Man Lyrics 4 I'll Die Tryin' Lyrics 5 Wild Lyrics 6 Noise Lyrics 7 Little Town Lyrics 8 I Never Needed You Lyrics 9 What's Wrong With That Lyrics. "I Am a Man," "I'll Die Tryin'," "I Never Needed You," and "I Just Want to Love You" all trade in fevered desire of one sort or another, even if Sara Evans couldn't possibly sound more disinterested in McDonald on "I Never Needed You." Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. I try to picture your eyes, but I can’t find them. Always lookin' for a reason to turn around You’re like coming home: An erotic story of emotional surrender. I’m shaking as the sobs start, my lips press through the fabric to your cunt, your hands find the back of my head, and just hold me there. “Let it out” a subtle whisper, you lean close, “I love you” the reassuring whisper of your voice. Whether someone is on the landing to catch me or I catch myself, the realization that I am emotionally naked is a sudden, startling feeling for me. My body pushes back, ready for the next impact, I feel the sting of it. Reviewed in the United States on October 17, 2005. How much you are, how much you mean to me – it’s hard to fathom and when I look at it, it can feel overwhelming, consuming. And then another as it strikes hard, and I feel myself shake. That peaceful easy feelin' at the end of a long, long road This continues in until I’m left shivering and gasping for breath. They aren’t tears of sadness, or happiness, but rather tears of nothing else, of everything. Cautiously stepping, not seeing clearly but proceeding slowly, startled at the tumble despite my caution. One piece at a time, your hands studied and reassuring, as if learning how I’ll react to each of your touches, the way your hand slips over my chest, or grasps at my hip, the feel of you pressing against me. “You need to say yes to this.” I shiver as the tip of the cane runs down my back. Your hands switch their movements just slightly, careful and yet forceful, as it prodding me right to the point of tears. I pause for a moment and take in the sight of you. It feels like only a moment, but the mischievous grin on your lips and the amused looked on your face seems to imply it maybe was just a bit too long. You touch it to my shoulder, it is thin and cool as it rests against my skin. I jump, the echo of it in the room. I listen hard and hear your footsteps, growing fainter, and the soft call of your voice, “aren’t you coming? But Niebank also tries to break it up a bit, although he doesn't push the band to get particularly original, or take the tempo out of the mid-zone. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. I picture the room in front of me, I’ve walked it many times in the dark, so the blindfold doesn’t concern me. Not from this, but from the emotion of everything that has happened, from a day that I was holding back. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The warmth of you radiates to me, you feel so close, and then it gone. In a bit of a departure from some of Lonestar's previous studio experiences, new producer Justin Neibank has brought a streamlined, less-is-more approach to proceedings, with fewer overdubs and less musical layering. Weary traveler, somethin' missin' inside Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your account. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on June 24, 2015. I step slowly and confidently picturing the room, your clicks are growing fainter and I know you are near the top of the stairs as I begin the climb to you. Summary: ... but that small difference made it seem like the taller boy was practically swimming in fabric. “I know you,” you whisper. That peaceful easy feelin' at the end of a long, long road Then your lips part, “I’ve got you, but you have to tell me, you have to show me all of it.”. "Wild," a contrived song about a curvaceous babe who saves it all for her man, feeds into typical male fantasies, not female. That peaceful easy feelin' at the end of a long, long road A submissive man who has worked to fit his submission to who he is, rather than who he is to his submission. Change ), Kink in the Time of COVID: Maximizing the Online Experience, You’re Like Coming Home: An Erotic Story of Emotional Surrender. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 30, 2018, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 22, 2015, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on June 12, 2013. I kiss harder, but the torrent of emotion keeps building, I can’t fight it or hold it in. Sold by dallastexasmedia and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. I feel your movement; you pick something up. I shake my head no, not wanting to give in, I feel the tension in how I’m holding myself, the last resolve I have in me to fight back the release.


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