I’ll post the good ones to this list. That’s encouraging. Do yourself and your team a favor, and check out Elevation Worship on iTunes! There are two versions. Here goes. May God bless your efforts.

Passion/Kristian Stanfill: Glorious Day PS – here’s a post I wrote with new worship leaders in mind: http://worshipdeeper.com/135/how-to-be-a-worship-leader-6-steps/. ", Memorable for: YES LORD YES LORD YES YES LORD (repeat 500 times) (key change) YES LORD YES LORD YES YES LORD (repeat another 500 times). Try it out at your church and let me know how it goes. I would love to see more Scripture in today’s music. “Love him in the morning,” and “Doesn’t that Bible say?” Sure, not all of them are messages directed toward God, i.e. Our kids worship team did pull off endless praise at our youth Sunday. The Love Of The Father by City Alight

Memorable for: Sounding like a Bryan Adams song, but fewer reference to 69s.

Touch the Sky – Hillsong (Off their new album ‘Empire’ – starts slow and ends fast) Fast and simple to start can work and engage quickly. http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/t/third_day/soul_on_fire_crd.htm. It doesn’t sound very complicated even for beginner worship teams. It’s fun to play and not too difficult with a little practice. This redesigned version of Amazing Grace screams campfires but still sings praise to God. There are so many suggestions that I’m fired up to use!

Your youth pastor with a soul patch was totally jammin' to these on his acoustic guitar. The oldies struggled coming to terms with the new songs initially but through prayer persistence, they now seem in full support.

Worshipers are searching for upbeat songs with which to encourage their congregations, but they can’t find them. Calvary Church in North Carolina recorded this live at a worship night, and sent it along. Your email address will not be published. I’m loving We The Kingdom lately and this is a great example why. I want to start incorporating more upbeat/faster songs into the set. Revelation – Calvary Youth Melody line/Syncopation: most of your congregations are not the ones who sing these songs constantly in the car, at the office, in the shower, etc, so really looking at phrasing and the flow of the melody helps. We Shine. So here are your next steps. I came to this site looking for current fast paced songs as well as all the others. We believe that worship is not an event, it is an attitude. Our church is starting a more contemporary Worship Service next month. Clapping and swaying are a must with this song. CCPA - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. One of my current favourites is 1000 Tongues by Vertical Church. Good on Y&F for breaking that mold. We Are Yours – I Am They

So much fun! There has been an incredible response to this post and many of you are adding some great song ideas. You have included some great songs that we do (This Is Amazing Grace & Like A Lion) and I have been wanting to do Go for awhile! I just recently moved from a youth-centered, fast-paced church to a small-town church with ages primarily 60+. We structure our services to include both celebration and reflective quiet worship/praise experiences. Second, it has a rap interlude, and rap is something more churches should introduce in a worship setting. As a female worship leader, I love to lead the upbeat songs as much as I love to lead the slow and moderate ones. I have not heard many of these. “Oh, God, I’m singing about worshiping you! After reading this, we learned the song “Running,” and now I’ve come back for another suggestion. Center My Life – Austin Stone Worship

Thanks for the comment Gavin. THIS BLOG POST IS A BLESSING. –Tim. Check out “You Are Good” by Bethel Live – Brian Johnson.

I think we’ll do “God is Alive” next! >>You Might Also Like: The Gear I Use For Worship. The memorable lyrics and easy to follow melody make this song a fun pick for church camp. Seventh Day Slumber: Your Name High Youth leaders looking for songs to play during a youth worship service might also look on iTunes or Pandora. Caution is appreciated that not all worship music is grounded in Scripture. Or over-the-top declarations of surrender, without a taste of real life. The melody is also easy to clap to. Ron (referring to Ron Kenoly) is a praise and worship leader. All Because Of Jesus by Fee and Symphony Of Grace by The Digital Age are also good ones!

Thanks for the song ideas.

And we called it big church hahaha I loved the worship. It’s great to see kids grabbing a hold of God at 13-19 years old. See more ideas about Youth songs, Songs, Worship music. This is a music & lyrics video bundle. Thanks so much. Try it out in your church or youth group. Here’s a song I’m super excited for a number of reasons. Prayerfully consider who sings when and how the fast song ties into the next one (fast/medium/slow). I’ve heard the praise and worship at Harvest sang this. Fishers of Men. No idea about the difficulty of playing these songs, but hopefully there is a gem or two that you can potentially use. You’ve made the job of music pastors around the world a whole lot easier by running the first 100 metres for them. 10 Great Christian Songs with Hand Motions for Kids 1. No matter how difficult, worship leaders need fast praise songs. We also do: Be Lifted Higher-David Moore, Closer-Hillsong Live, Endless Praise-Planetshakers, Glorious-Bryan and Katie Torwalt, God Most High-Worship Central. (Josh. so he wrote one. They have a couple other upbeat songs that you may want to consider as well if you like the feel of this one. Jesus Culture: Never Gonna Stop Singing Perhaps some of you could create some praise songs from the Psalms. Great find for me on your list was FELLOWSHIP CREATIVE. Thank you! Great point. Memorable for: Every lead singer belting this as dramatically as Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You. Memorable for: People with their arms lifted literally falling down in the aisles to manifest their spiritual transcendence in getting bruises. Thanks so much for these songs! Please help us improve. Thank you so much these songs are really helpful. 3. – We Believe. Find the perfect mix of songs for your diverse kids to praise Jesus.


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