I’m really happy with it! Out of the two that I sniffed, Where Is My Romeo seemed more appealing in-store. violet blossom 100 ml. Unfortunately, while exchanging one back-up, I accidentally picked up another lol (typical me), Tuberose Eau de Toilette (Week-End Collection) retails for KD 4/900. and Fleur de Baobab (Sea Salt Notes!) Again, it’s very, very light and inoffensive, so for those of you who are all loved up, Tuberose would be perfect for cuddling with your partner! Pingback: Sephora Fragrance Haul (January) | LuLu ♥'s Makeup, Pingback: Nordstrom March Fragrance Haul | LuLu ♥'s Makeup, Pingback: Nordstrom Fragrance Sample Pack (April) | LuLu ♥'s Makeup, Pingback: Nordstrom April Fragrance Haul | LuLu ♥'s Makeup.

The Floral Collection consisted of 4 Perfumes; Bitter Orange (as shown) and Deep Garden and Lightly Bloom and Morning Grasse and I do believe I spotted all of them, but unfortunately there were no testers and as such, I went with the safest best. The packaging totally reminds me of the GP & J BAKER x H&M Chinoiserie Prints (haulage here)! With that being said, it’s definitely a blatantly masculine scent (not unisex), but if you’ve got the confidence to rock it, go for it!

Definitely not what I was expecting lol Not a hint of bitter anything, really. Despite being a floral, I thought Tuberose was pretty nice, throughout all its different stages! However, after comparing it to a sample of the real thing, it turns out that D&G – Dolce Garden is far more superior (obvi)!

Oriental Delice smells gorgeous! Finally, it changes to a faint sweet musk-y sandalwood scent which I found quite pleasant! However, the bottles, or rather the stone caps on the bottles, are blatant rip-offs the Armani Prive Collection.
A disclaimer: I didn’t test the longevity of these perfumes in comparison to the more expensive ones, mainly because this really does depend on the wearer. Best perfume dupes! Typically, I tend to enjoy most Rose scents, but certain kinds, I don’t like. In fact, it doesn’t even smell like Vanilla to me… more like Vanilla’s second cousin twice removed. Pink Flambe by Zara is a Citrus Gourmand fragrance for women.

It’s quite intense, so, I’d suggest spraying it on at least an hour or two, before you get to wherever you need to get to (so it gets enough time to dry down a bit and mellow out) and even then, only a spritz or two as any more would be overkill. Smells like: Ralph Lauren Romance EDP, £42 for 30ml. Again, I only purchased the 200mL size, because it was the only size available in-store. As for Wonder Rose and Oriental Gourmand and Pink Flambe, I needed some time to learn to appreciate them.
Lily Pad is definitely a beautiful sweet tropical scent, which unfortunately is completely gone almost as soon as I’d spritz it on! Dear Iris which is another straight up floral, however, is quickly growing on me, as I find myself actually enjoying it!

It’s just not my taste. Overall, it smells quite medicinal, if I’m being honest.

The Naturals was a collection that embraces natural ingredients and consisted of 4 Eau de Parfums; Cardamom (Gender Neutral) which I actually spotted at Zara and sniffed and loved, but for some reason I cannot fathom, didn’t purchase, and Osmanthus (Tales of Femininity) which I didn’t like and Vanilla (French Elegance) which was… too vanilla lol and Vetiver (Unexpected) which I really liked and therefore, purchased on the spot. It's Time To Let Them Know, The Very Best Hand Sanitisers To Help Give You Clean Hands (And Peace Of Mind), The 12 Best Skincare Capsules To Supercharge Your Beauty Routine, Harry Potter Make-Up Sets Are A 'Thing' And They're Launching This Week. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I go through these phases, where sometimes I’ll find Wonder Rose and Oriental Gourmand too fruity and Pink Flambe too musky, and then sometimes I’ll find all of them to be quite nice! It’s ok though, because I exchanged it at another branch of Zara (Marina Mall) for two more fragrances, shortly after. But is cheap perfume ever any good? This is the one everyone talks about, not just because of how similar they smell (pretty much identical, IMHO) but because of the huge price difference. Oriental Delice Eau de Parfum Intense retails for KD 6/900, Oriental Fragrance for Women – Features Coffee, Jasmine, White Chocolate – Launched in 2017. Maybe it’s the composition? FYI, an eau de toilette (EDT), by definition, won’t last as long as an eau de parfum (EDP) because the concentration of perfume oil to alcohol/water is lower. Red Vanilla (like, seriously, what are you?) To coincide with Women’s Collection, there was a Men’s Slogan Collection that consisted of Where is my Juliet and Comme d’Habitude and Destination Mars. The Bergamot and Lemon smell all zesty and uplifting while the Sorbet makes it smell sweet and the Cashmeran gives it a musky, almost masculine vibe. red vanilla 100 ml.

M&S errs on the side of smelling cleaning product-y at first, but settles down after a while.


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