Add that Ondu Inversion is only two mana more than what you’ll usually pay for the “destroy all nonland permanents” effect, and the drawback of playing a tapland becomes fairly inconsequential given the late-game opportunities. In a deck helmed by the new Akiri, I could see this being a reasonable option, and by the time this review is released, Lee Livingston’s take on that deck should be available for you to read. With some budget upgrades, this deck could be incredibly powerful. So there’s a number of creatures with landfall abilities that will probably make a splash in commander, especially in less competitive games. While there’s a lot of non-specific value to be had in a lot of the Party cards, given the high number of extremely good utility creatures that just happen to be Clerics, Rogues, Warriors, or Wizards, that’s not really true of Archpriest of Iona. If he slots Kor Blademaster into his list, consider it an endorsement. Fiend Hunter is back, only you don’t have to jump through all the Blink hoops to make sure problems go away permanently, and you can target a lot more than just creatures! A decent removal option for budget decks, and not much else. It’s not the first card I’d go to for either of those things, but for just two mana, it certainly makes the list, and with the option to kick it into the five power mode, it’s better than it appears at first blush. I can see this getting played in Rogue tribal or in an Inniaz, the Gale Force “flying tribal” deck, but other than that, I wouldn’t bother sleeving this one up. Next time we’ll be visiting the Naya Landfall list and seeing how it holds up by comparison. That said, in a Proliferate-focused deck, you could certainly set up Dueling Jaces and get a ton of draw power out of the two of them. Of course, there are tons of cards that cost more than three mana that you might want to clear away with a 5-mana wrath, so you’ll need a very specific reason in your playgroup to slot this in. Then you have to get someone to target this thing with a spell, and honestly, you probably have to do that yourself. Otherwise, this is just another Horned Turtle+, and we have tons of those. This is exactly why Party decks should free up a copy of Path to Exile from their fun theme deck and replace it with this much worse spell. Hanging onto a pile of mana to cast a huge X spell and recoup that mana via Neheb sounds great, and if someone is so foolish as to kill Leyline Tyrant, well, they’re probably taking a ridiculous amount of damage to the face. If you’re looking for flexibility, though, they’re great, and you’re not paying life or forced to abide by weird restrictions to get these in untapped. That’s it! In a multicolored deck focused on one of these four types, this is okay, but it really shines in the theoretical Party decks that will reach fruition sometime in the future. The main takeaways from this are the price, only one new Legendary creature for the deck, and the number of newly printed cards. In mono-Red, you obviously can’t ramp as hard, which is why I see this as more of a player in a Gruul deck than a Commander itself. So many cards in this deck want you to tap out in later turns when they should be more about playing multiple cards a turn, protecting your board and finding more ways to take advantage of the growing graveyards. Perhaps it’s worth playing in a deck where you can Chord it out. Will the cost reduction condition on Bad Murder be met more than once a lifetime? It turns out there really are always more scute bugs. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), just happen to be Clerics, Rogues, Warriors, or Wizards, the little enchantments that tend to get destroyed or sacrificed. There’s always room in my decks (and my heart) for another Fleshbag Marauder, and this one being a Cleric does not escape my notice. What’s the deal with the cat in the foreground? When upgrading the deck, this is likely going to be one of the key areas to upgrade (and decrease the curve in). Commanders like Lord Windgrace and Titania are already moving lands from the graveyard to the battlefield and vice versa, and Ancient Greenwarden capitalizes on this thriving trade sector by packaging a Crucible of Worlds ability in with what I like to call “Landharmonicon.” Cards like Avenger of Zendikar, Evolution Sage, and Tireless Tracker will provide even more power than usual, and commanders such as Zendikar Rising’s Phylath, World Sculptor, Tatyova, Benthic Druid, and three out of four flavors of Omnath will benefit from having Ancient Greenwarden in the 99. 1258954 Ontario Limited O/A Wizards Tower - Sitemap | Blog Sitemap, Wizard’s Tower Magic Player Rewards Program, Zendikar Rising Commander Deck Review: The Lands, The Legends of Zendikar Rising: Set Review Part 2, Legends of Zendikar Rising: Set Review Part 1, Legends of Zendikar Rising: Set Review Part 3, Commander's Brew Episode 263 - The 25 Most Exciting…, Daily Dose of Zendikar Rising #5 – The Wonderful…. With that in mind, you’ll need something like Mogg Maniac to leverage this to the fullest, and at that point, there are tons of other cards I’d play before this one. Online Store is always OPEN! Predictions aside, there is no getting around the fact that Trove Warden is good. The last rare on this list is a Zendikar Rising – Commander exclusive: Whispersteel Dagger! Shatterskull Smashing // Shatterskull, the Hammer Pass. $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 . As long as you’re going deep on the appropriate creature type, you’ll get a Midnight Reaper with plenty of upside, and especially given the fact that Cleric decks will have no shortage of ways to gain back the lost life, its downside barely registers. Obviously it costs more to steal an artifact with Thieving Skydiver than it does with a card like, say, Steal Artifact, but this effect is immune to Disenchant effects and therefore quite a lot more powerful. Because characteristic-defining abilities (the ability that defines the *s in the power and toughness) work in all zones, this card is also very strange with anything that cares about its power in zones other than the battlefield – in particular, people have noticed that Nethroi, who brings back creatures with a total power of 10 or less from the battlefield, can do some silly things when you get to cheat that restriction by throwing a big negative number in there. This card is as powerful as your graveyard, so commanders like the aforementioned Nethroi or The Mimeoplasm want this card – at least, as long as they have enough black mana generation to support it. A little incidental life gain helps a growing Vampire get stronger, and that lifegain helps your other Clerics trigger and do your thing. If you are leaning into some landfall combo shenanigans or doing something strange with Intruder Alarm and Life and Limb (and in that latter case, please stay far away from me) this card does two very interesting things all by itself. That said, the sorcery speed really hurts here, as does the huge mana cost. It has the same mana cost as Retreat to Emeria! This all changes with Zendikar Rising, however, as this set’s deck selection is very different from the flagship Commander product. Avenger of Zendikar doesn’t really need the help, but if you’re all in on Rampaging Baloths, Zendikar’s Roil, Sporemound, and other landfall token generators, you might find yourself giving this mouse a cookie, a glass of milk, and anything else it asks for after it wins you the game. The value in cards out of the box is also absurdly high for the low asking price. Without quite as much rules baggage as Life and Limb, Ashaya is playable by humans without too much confusion, and I’m interested to see how just how enormous I can make her and what kind of mana shenanigans that results in if I have a pile of tokens that can also generate green mana. I’m not sure Linvala has the chops to cut it as a Commander in this form, as I don’t think the full party ability is enough of a payoff, but I’d certainly give her a spot in a Tazri deck. I think my personal favorite with this card, however, is its interaction with the Mentor mechanic, allowing you to pump the mentor who then gets to pump a mentee, all before you go to blockers. That said, there’s plenty of ways to drop lands into play via artifacts or other lands, and cards like Cleansing Wildfire can have an interesting impact as well. If you are looking to save a slot in your white go-wide deck, then Kabira Takedown is an option available to you that isn’t “strictly worse” than Swords or Path. The potential after upgrading the deck is incredibly high but not cEDH level. If you are dedicated to playing every Soul Warden effect on the planet, this card exists. Yes, it is powerful. The actual fail case of hitting no creatures is pretty bad, but if all you get is small utility friends, they still roll up in a midsize sedan made of +1/+1 counters. Pharika’s Libation, move over – Feed the Swarm is here. I’m not asking for Pack Leader at uncommon, but I would prefer to lose that colorless cost and get a smaller Warleader. The number of Rogue lords in the list is certainly a let down with the Commander and Obelisk of Urd being the primary growth cards. “Group Slug” style decks will want this for its cast trigger, and I assume the resulting creature gets fired out of a Rite of Consumption-shaped cannon at someone shortly after it hits the battlefield, but maybe it can get in some hasty attacks. I’ll be honest, I haven’t totally figured out how to use this headliner from the other Zendikar Commander deck, but making this big and then using lands to go to battle instead of Obuun sounds fun, and doubling up on that beginning of combat trigger with cards like Strionic Resonator and Lithoform Engine is an interesting proposition. Changelings not included, here are some numbers: Okay, so it’s mostly Warriors, but there are still possibilities here. I don’t even care that this has a land on the other side – this card is bad in a lot of circumstances, and I don’t think the situations where it’s powerful are numerous enough to outweigh that. Of more note, white is getting more and more means to work with Lands Matter strategies, from the new Omnath, Locus of Creation to the Knight of the White Orchid effect we seem to get in nearly every set these days in the ongoing effort to improve white’s ability to keep up with the Joneses. What it is doing that is new is stapling a couple of hatebears together! This may come as a surprise, as I was just critiquing Emeria’s Call for being seven mana and Ondu Inversion weighs in at a whopping eight, but my reasoning is fairly simple: it just does more. I’m a sucker for giving my whole team hexproof or indestructible, but I think it might have been okay for this card to do both. That means you’ll be hearing about cards largely from that more relaxed perspective.


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